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  1. Then they went on to trash and insult her in their follow up Britney episode. **** this show. It screams early 2010’s cringe
  2. Gearing himself up to be her post horrible team choreographer. Lay off on some of the OTT movements and this would be ok
  3. Xfactor for sure - she looked like she was enjoying it and served little moments of classic Britney Bambi was good too and Star academy as well. FFT was garbage and so is POM with the overrated “breakdown”
  4. Fun fact: Kevin was a backup dancer for her and you can see him in the “when you look at me” video
  5. “His work ethic and passion inevitably landed him in Hollywood with a job as executive producer for BritneySpears.com” He worked on her website. Hopefully we get more info in court when everyone comes out of the woodwork to slam team Britney and her dad
  6. Britney fans asking the KIDS (hers or Kevin’s) questions about the conservatorship etc is super creepy and desperate.
  7. I’m sure her cheap *** team will keep it in storage and recycle it like they did with the circus “radar” prop and the “3” pole thing.
  8. 12 years later is “too soon” Shut up you old deluded coot - man it makes so much sense now why Britney has always had issues with her dad. Controlling psychopath
  9. Also, if she’s soooo “incapacitated” and unable to function, why SHOULD she even be working or doing anything slightly related to work? This just proves even further this farce of a conservatorship is all about the money. It’s so sweet knowing that Jamie and that dog Lou would have been beyond pissed she didn’t set one toe in that cheap mess of a pop-up shop
  10. Any “fan” that visited the pop up should be ashamed of themselves. It was painfully obvious this was just another cash grab and I’m so glad she REFUSED to partake in anything that will make her handlers more money. P.s - Jamie and Devilou can both ROT
  11. Love me Down should have been the lead. Nobody wants snoozer slow songs from Britney as lead singles. slumber party was a bad single choice too
  12. Agree. He’s only in it for himself. Sure, he may like her but he’s sticking around for his own personal profile/brand. - nobody would give a damn about this dime-a-dozen Instagram roider otherwise
  13. Imagine being baptized at the Jordan River, preaching about being a Christian and, in the same breath, enslaving a woman and making money off her for 10+ years.
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