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  1. This song always fks up the bass in my car because I have it so loud
  2. I completely forgot about this song, amazing!!
  3. When I was 12, me and my mum were leaving a festival and this was playing in a tent nearby. We stopped to dance to this and then continued on home. Such carefree, happy energy. I love it!!
  4. Yeah but you could walk down to your local densely white populated area and see them legs multiple times
  5. I stalked their profile like, straight after writing this post They were online yesterday, just lurking, maybe they've got a schedule running with some others on here
  6. I remember when Cappy used to say mad deluded things about Britney that were the total opposite to anyone's thoughts during POM/POM tour and everyone would just drag them to the depths of the earth. Fair play to Cappy, they never backed down once
  7. What is this monstrosity, I thought that was James Corden
  8. What is this unfamiliar feeling? Is it......rejection?
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