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  1. I think the biggest missed opportunity that era was the Billboard awards. She gave us her best award show performance in years (arguably one of her best) yet didn’t use the platform to promote her new single and album coming out which made no sense at all. Aside from that the only other American performance of Make Me was the VMAs and where it’s not a bad performance, it’s certainly not memorable and we all know what happened with the Beyoncé fiasco. I also believe that if Make Me didn’t receive two videos we could have received a third single. I think Love Me Down would have done very well as a third single and probably would have been the most successful one at that. Glory really was a solid era otherwise promotion wise and looks. Quality album and great performances/interviews. It was the return of the Britney we all love. I also thought it was way more mature and suitable for her age. It showed growth.
  2. Kesha, Keesha, Tinashe, Tinasha, Potato, Potato 🤷🏽‍♂️
  3. It falls into all realms of rising up from personal struggles. I had heart surgery back in June and that song got me through the ICU. It was ironic because my surgery was June 2 and my heart stopped two days prior the day Chromatica was released. That whole album means so much to me.
  4. I just feel it was a vulnerable time for everyone and after letting him in, he turned around and gave media something else to talk about.
  5. I emphasize with Tinashe but the industry is hard for EVERYONE. Look at how Britney was controlled. It’s a sad business but it’s a business and they are focused on sales. Tinashe wouldn’t have a platform to be independent without the help of her label promoting her. At the end of the day it is us as a public and unfortunately people aren’t ready for multiple black pop females. She’s right on that point. Very sad.
  6. The reason Britney was the biggest is because she was the first. The Spice Girls created the teen pop era and Britney ran with it as the first American teen pop star. The label saw the success of The Spice Girls and realized the American market at the time, didn't have any artist out that kids could look up to. All the girls after her were just trying to keep up. I also believe it was her charisma though. She knew how to work the camera and make people fall in love instantly. Then you add in the good girl/bad girl contradictions and the world ATE that.
  7. I can hear it but its very faint. I doubt the entire song sounds like it. That's just a snippet after all.
  8. Hilary is so damn sweet and definitely one of the least problematic stars ever!
  9. My thoughts on Azealia. She is truly a one of a kind artist with such profound vision. Her creativity is phenomenal and she’s without a doubt my favorite female rapper of all time when it comes to the artistry alone. With that being said I also think her delivery is way to harsh and she’s completely ignorant regarding the words she chooses. However...I also think she doesn’t conform to what society thinks is right and a true artist will never do that. You may not like what she has to say but she always makes sense. It’s just her harsh delivery and lack of empathy for others. I’ll always listen to her music though because it does bring me joy and I think it’s exactly what she should be doing with her life.
  10. You’re most likely comparing the two albums because they were both very young and about the same age when they debuted. Billie grew up home schooled and had proper attention growing up which has given her a high skill level of writing music and generating more emotional mature content. She’s actually the total opposite of Brit who was more of a product of her label and generated more obvious kid appealing sounds. So yes I would agree it’s better but at the end of the day that’s subjective and nothing will top Baby’s impact as a debut.
  11. I would make some drinks and put together a dance number to a fun song we both agreed on. I’d secretly challenge her into doing hard choreo and then I’d just sit there and talk and have some good laughs. God this is like planning your dream date.
  12. Idk that whole album was a public nightmare. She was crucified for her provocative image as she fully transitioned. She received a radio ban and on top of that I think the world started hating her because of the climate. This brand was pushed right after 9/11 and I think the last thing people wanted was a pop icon selling ***. Slave is certainly iconic and Overprotected deserves wayyy more credit but the climate in America at that time was sad and very serious and that’s why I think people started boarding the Britney hate train more than ever. On top of that she was starting to feel the pressure and slip. She was booed in Mexico during her Stages documentary and also again at the Crossroads London premiere. She also had that public breakup with Justin later on that era and all in all, it was the start of Britney losing control. I really do think that without the radio ban and 9/11 that Britney would have been even bigger than her Oops era. It’s the same formula as Katy. With Teenage Dream and then Prism. Timing is everything. For me it’s hard to enjoy the music when I have associating thoughts about that time that aren’t positive. Ironically I love Blackout and those were terrible times as well but I guess I felt a connection with her artistry. It made sense.
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