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  1. Ok this is honestly tied with that lawyers voicemail as the biggest break through we’ve received. I’m honestly 100% sure now that Britney isn’t scared and hiding away. She wants **** known and guess what...karma is a *****! Silencing her during her hardest times was wrong but honestly the public would have scrutinized her regardless. Twelve years later and after much change in the world, this story finally coming out is going to RUIN her ******* ******* **** *** ***** team! Her time is coming and thank GOD for people like this man. I hope he doesn’t suffer any consequences but I know he is a man of integrity and has already made the choice to deal with these people should they attack. Britney we’re going to get you out girl. Stay patient.
  2. This is a pretty mysterious strong story. If you have more information and chose to share this then share what you know. Other people believing you doesn’t matter if it’s key information that could potentially harm others. That’s like staying quiet after witnessing a murder. I hope this isn’t a game either because that could be potentially more dangerous for someone like Britney.
  3. Hmm dark electronic era Witness into Circus themed era with her prime sound and album title single track? Sounds effin familiar if ya ask me.
  4. Best animated video I’ve seen. She’s very consistent this era because the physical video also had glimpses of animation. Physical also had two videos so I’m sure we’ll get another. Also she has a million single contenders and this can easily be her as Will.I.Am would say “SUMMA SMASHA” Who knows maybe each single will get an extra video. So maybe we’re getting three. She is trying to be the new Madonna after all.
  5. PPS: ANYTHING for Britney 🤪
  6. PS I went to record it and nearly died so sorry I don’t have a video. I literally hit record and it ended as I’m drifting onto the road with traffic 😫
  7. I literally just got in the car to go pick up my delicious take out for dinner and for the first time ever I heard Mood Ring playing! Ok granted it was the Pride Remix (even better) and I have satellite radio who ******* cares lmao! I just got so excited! It was on the BPM station. Slay Brit! Amazing remix!
  8. Why the hell is it Madonnas job to fix this? How do you know she hasn’t tried reaching out? Britney herself still quotes Madonna and posts her music on social media. Many celebrities haven’t stepped up and if they do great but if not everyone has an everyday life with a job, family, bills, doctors, homework, ect. Being a celebrity with a platform is great but if you notice the ones who have tweeted #freebritney are young with no kids, or not hugely busy at the moment. It’s no ones job but it’s a beautiful and kind thing if they can. Contacting Britney must be nearly impossible anyways.
  9. I’ve literally been saying this for months. Just made a thread about female celebrities stepping up. Happy to see this.
  10. Well that was exactly my point lol. I know her Dad loves her but he has a history of abuse and with all do respect he doesn’t have a strong knowledge of the business and has most likely been influenced by others (Lou, Larry, ect.) Larry seems to care solely about money. That’s kind of his job but I don’t think he has her best interest because of how sloppy and regulated her life is due to the cship. I’d imagine she’s not easy to manage and at some point he stopped caring as much.
  11. We don’t know. The biggest problem is that we only know there’s a problem and we don’t know what that is. I hope to GOD we are right about this women and don’t screw up the only good thing she had going for her because her mental health is unknown. She’s not a vegetable but in all fairness she hasn’t performed, looked, or sounded like herself since 2004 and a lot of times people have underlying issues because of a disability that comes out in their mid to late 20s. I honestly believe she has a mental disability and does need structure from others to help her with all her affairs. I also think the cship is completely out of control and has only made her feel worse. It’s all just so odd. The best I’ve seen her was in 2016 so was she on good meds that helped or did she stop taking them? We just don’t know and it’s so frustrating because we all just want the best. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and regardless of her mental health, something is definitely off. You would think they would just shut this down and let her speak freely and talk about all these odd occurrences to make sense of it and let the world know she’s ok but no. She tried and it was shut down. I personally think she has had more control this year with social media and that is due to her father stepping down. It’s her first chance to send these messages out to us and they didn’t really start consistently until he stepped down.
  12. I’m not quite sure what they would have to update fans with considering there’s a significant gap between court dates. If they have projects maybe they are still working on them. Documentaries take a long time. These women were not a credible source prior to that voicemail and they did not have to share that with the world. They took a huge risk doing so. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have any more tea to spill but I never got my hopes up anyways. You shouldn’t either. Just be happy with any important news you do get. Unfollowing them and leaving a bad review is unnecessary. They’re literally the reason the #freebritney movement started. Be a little thankful and stop acting like they owe you more because they don’t. It’s too soon to say they gave up on us anyways.
  13. Maybe she finally wanted to go vocal about her experience through the movement but received a warning from her team after working close with Brit in 2016. She could be breaking whatever terms were set in a possible NDA or any contract really. #FreeBritney didn’t exist in 2016 but I’m sure they could easily scare someone into staying quiet by toying with the term and relating it to their agreements.
  14. I’d also like to add that Britney’s own sister recently used the “I’m Britney’s sister” narrative to promote her new show Steel Magnolias on Netflix. Britney is a household name. Any connection to her will instantly remind people of her brand and that will interest them in whatever it is you’re selling.
  15. If you’re talking about Britney maybe a little because her style was never to be rude towards other celebs or really use them but then again she never had to as she was on top of the game for years. If you’re taking about Amy obviously she felt bad after realizing the things she was willing to do to sell but that’s how it goes. You can’t learn from a mistake without making one and honestly it’s almost a stretch calling it a mistake as all these people want to do is share their talent and to get there they all have to sell their souls and play an evil game. Xtina was the rudest because she was the closest person being compared to Britney and unfortunately will always be remembered as her shadow. The saddest part is that the only time Xtina was able to drown out the noise and really focus on herself alone as an artist was during her Stripped and BTB eras. Only two. Even today Christina still rambles on about the Mickey Mouse Club and her early memories with Brit. All the current “it” girls are inspired by a Brit and are able to carry a part of her success. Some have distinctive voices, some can dance, some rely on scandals, some can sell out tours and have amazing album sales, others serve amazing visuals, ect. No one has the full package. Amy played the game. Doesn’t make her a bed person. I also think they every human being has a past and these people digging up ancient old problems just to cancel someone is beyond terrible and pretty much a form of bullying. No one is the same person they were twenty years ago. I’m not an Amy stan either.
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