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  1. Wait, was this the troubled shoot? I thought the one with problems was the canceled one for Ok magazine. If memory serves, she ruined the dress and allegedly didn’t clean up for her dog and then stormed off without finishing... and didn’t do the interview either.
  2. 1. Radar - this was such a letdown. Especially after getting 3 great videos that era setting up the expectations. All the fades were so cheap and while the plot was decent, the execution was horrible. With all the revenue and success the Circus tour was having, they should have gone out with a bang. Instead we got a horse hosed down on a film school budget. 2. Ooh La La - does this even count? It was just a tie in after all. That said, they could have done a few more scenes. It seems like they shot it all under an hour and called it a day. 3. 3 - Nothing memorable. Editing was crap. It’s like they were trying way too hard to camouflage the dancing. That worked with HIAM because of its creativity. Here.. it’s just bland. I was originally gonna list Make Me but despite being boring, it’s at least well produced. She looked great in it. And it gave us the American Dream version which I liked. Pretty Girls is ridiculous.. but fun. I think they needed to up the campy acting to make it clear that they were shooting a satire video. The Not a Girl MV on the Britney DVD is boring. The one that aired with the Crossroads scenes is better. The interactive one on the Crossroads dvd that lets you piece together your own video had so many new scenes that I thought were better.
  3. Are these going to be using stems or filtered? Excited to hear them either way. Would be great to hear some new remixes for tracks that never get decently remixed. Would love to hear new takes on: Just Luv Me Invitation Shadow Bombastic Love (still praying we get that Demo version someday)
  4. Is there a reason this isn’t available for sale in the US yet?
  5. What’s the point in shooting the show in its current state? Yeah it’s fun to see her energetic and into it, but a big part of the charm was the tree and all the props that made the show a spectacle in Vegas. If those aren’t in it, why bother?
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