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  1. Dua was seperated at birth from her sisters, the tweevils! I didn't know they were triplets
  2. Why is this in the Britney section?
  3. Omg we should start a group, same **** happened to me when I call out a misogynistic member
  4. Look at the post which Jordan disliked. A gay man can talk like that about women, but I get a warning for calling him out. Perhaps I was rude, but clearly this user is misogynistic.
  5. Thank you @Jordan Miller for giving me warning points when someone is clearly a womanhating individual. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for proving my point.
  6. Are you insane?? Who do you think you are? Take a seat back, you delusional asscrack. You're basically saying is all thanks to gay men that female popstars look good and are popular? Are you mad?
  7. It's disgusting!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with her videos!! If Selina, Gaga or Ariana did the same type of video, no one would ask them if they're ok! It sucks so much because she looks so happy
  8. Nicki is really wasting her time, energy and TALENT on abusers! If my brother raped a 10 year-old girl, I'd send him to jail with my own damn hands. How did she stay in a relationship with a convicted ******?? How can she record a song with a ****?? Like what's wrong with her? Why does she hate women so much??
  9. In every ******* IG post there is at least one comment with tons of likes questioning "OMG is she alright?"
  10. It didn't bother her all these years, but now it's a problem? She's such an opportunistic little snake.
  11. Of course this happens during pride month and after Hillenburg's passing. I think it's a cheap way to pander to the LGBT community, it doesn't matter if Spongebob is gay or not since it won't have any influence on the cartoon. So, what's the point?
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