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  1. WHAT THE *****!?!?!? *Lady Gaga Enigma Voice* she looks SO AMAZING here. These are probably my favorite pictures of her since 2016 no joke. She looks like 90sney here omg
  2. Better that we learned our lesson with streaming with a one off single (?) and not a lead single. Now we know what we need to work on.
  3. Don’t know how to post images.... but I really love Future Nostalgia’s the way she eye ****s the camera is a big yes for me. other than that I really like Aaliyah’s self titled red album. It’s surprisingly modern considering it was released in the height of 2000s aesthetics. I love how she is just like basking in her glory and she seems so at peace and happy. Looking at it now after everything happened, it’s comforting. Ctrl by sza, I love the uniqueness of it. TLC’s fanmail - it’s really 90s but in a good way. The fact they are holograms on it is just really aesthetically pleasing lol. drake’s nothing was the same - I like the colors used and the sky background. Biggie’s ready to die - I just love the simplicity
  4. They announced the top 10 already and then usually they do any debuts throughout the rest of the day. So there is no telling when/if they will tweet about mood ring (assuming it charts which isn’t guaranteed)
  5. If we wanna be technical she had the best selling solo song last week. Legendary tingz.
  6. the way it outpeaked every song she has released since scream&shout
  7. this is actually really good and the hot 100 might be a real possibility
  8. For someone of camilla’s level romance flopped. Was it career ending? No, but you would think someone in her position would be debuting at number one with at least over 100k, hell even Brenda Jo outsold first week. It’s not even like she had particularly tough competition either. Also none of the singles except Senorita which she just tacked on for streams, charted within the top 10. This is a big drop from her number one debut album that contained two top tens with one of them being one of the most successful songs of all time. I’m not dragging Camilla or whatever, but romance did flop for her standards and was definitely a sophomore slump. It didn’t even make the top 10 in the UK.
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