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  1. Listend to it most of the day on Monday. Its a really deep album if you really think about it. There was a thread a little while ago talking about some interprations of the songs and it definetly made me see the album as a whole in another light. With that being said, I'm still not a huge fan of "It Should Be Easy"...
  2. Imma buy it again AND stream it all day/week because if BOMT goes number one again after 20 years it will definetly show that the queen is still here as well as show her how much we support her as a fan base no matter what she is going through. Does youtube red count towards the charts?
  3. Not sure if there is already a thread talking about this, but the caption leads to believe this may be a snippet of choreo for Baby One More Time in Domination... Whatcha think?....i mean I know its like one line from the song but...its a bit
  4. I know the show has already started...im a little late. But I found this tweet showing the size of the stage/venue for all the curious children. Stay positive my dudes
  5. Y'all....the first night is never the best night... Give her tomarrow and next week and I can get she will be slaying as if it was last year.
  6. I had gotten a britney era t shirt at Target a few weeks ago. I love it!!
  7. They both said they would like to do some music together. So what if they have a song on Britneys upcoming album? Thoughts? Edit: sorry. Maybe I should have included these videos of them talking about it lol https://youtu.be/qxJkilzQsqY
  8. J- just like me O- out from under S- slumber party H- hold it against me U- unusual you A- autumn goodbye A- amnesia L- liar T- trip to your heart E- early mornin R- rock me in A- alien E- everytimr L- lace a d leather P- passanger H- hot as ice
  9. You seem to be confused. Being Britney Spears IS her job. She is finally in a place where she is not only confortable performing in front of others but she is also able to spend more time with her children. For some of these "fans" to say how a 36 year old woman is not dancing how she did when she was 21 obviously only care about her on stage persona as opposed to her as a person and her overall physical and mental health. Coming from someone who has been involved in several shows i can tell you its a stressful process. And to throw baby daddy drama on top of that would be enough to bring anybody to a breaking point. Be happy she is even going on tour and performing. Because lord knows she is well off and she is doing just fine from the revenue she collected during piece of me as well as the rest of her career
  10. I don't understand how her "fans" can be so negative... She is going through a child support battle AND planning a show AND recording some kind of video. That is a lot on a person. There is also nothing at all wrong with simply having fun and bopping around on stage as she does in the gifs y'all posted. We all want Britney to top the charts again and we all want her to be as strong on stage as she once was but how can we expect that to happen whenever it doesnt even seem like she has support from her own fan base? I understand that there are a lot of upset people over the apple pie drama this past weekend but in the end, its not her fault that we were fed missinformation.
  11. I would love for her to have a new opening. I love WB and everything but I think its time to shake things up in that aspect of the show. I would also love to see Inside Out, Criminal, Liar, Hold on Tight, and Out from Under. Also, maybe a ballad version of "What you see is what you get". One that I personally would like to see get cut would be "If you seek amy". I LOVE the song, just dont find the POM version very interesting. Maybe if she included the original choreo it may save it
  12. I have always wanted her to do a tropical/beachy album! I love that idea!!
  13. I've been poking around the forum this past week and, among the ashes of the meltdown, have noticed that a few people have mentioned that the new album could possibly be called lioness/tigeress. This would make some sense to me since Sam has called Britney his "lioness" in an instagram post. And since she said her kids came up with the title "Glory", I dont see why she wouldn't take suggestions from her Boyfriend. What are yalls thoughts?
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