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  1. Thank you, I swear I looked but I didn't see these threads! Exactly what I was looking for.
  2. Wow this makes so much sense. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you for the insight. As usual with that album it all comes back to Will.I.Am. Public enemy #1
  3. This may already be a topic (I did a quick search and didn't see anything substantial) but I just have so many questions about Myah Marie and her involvement with Britney's albums, specifically Britney Jean. I'm relatively new to Exhale but I have been a Britney fan for as long as I can remember... which is why it took be two seconds to realize that someone else was singing for Britney on her songs. For example- I actually really enjoy the song Passenger but I can't get through it without becoming enraged at the fact that it isn't even Britney singing. So... why? Like, why did Britney and/or her team (because I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Britney had no clue about how much her vocals are on the final albums) think that it would be ok or go unnoticed that it wasn't her singing? Do they really think that people who have been listening to her music since 1999 wouldn't recognize a different voice? Was Britney just going into the booth and breathing at the microphone? What possible reason could they have for using Myah at all? Was it strict deadlines or something? If anyone could shed any light on this subject I would be very grateful.
  4. Yes, that’s true, but honestly JLo’s always been a better dancer. Plus there are many other factors that put them on a different playing field. Jlo did not have such a public rise and fall like Britney did. Not to mention how young Britney was when she first started/was at the height of her fame. Like 2002 was a peak year for both of them... Jlo was 33, Britney was 21 and I think Britney being so famous at such a young age was obviously what led to her breakdown which clearly had an effect on her going forward. I’m just saying for where she’s been and what she’s gone through, I was very happy to see her still out there performing and giving it her all. And I truly believe she was giving it her all despite many people on this site saying she doesn’t care anymore.
  5. Ok, after being a Britney fan since the Oops... era, I FINALLY saw her live at Radio City the other night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. For one... the way people drag her on here, people who are supposed to be her fans, I was soo nervous for the show and was bracing for the worst but I had such a great time and I was so impressed. Considering she's a mom of 2 in her 30's who's been doing this since she was 16, not to mention what she has been through with her mental health, I felt so proud and so lucky to be there even. She doesn't have to tour. Honestly, she owes us nothing. But she still performs so it has to be for the love of it because even though she's making a ton of money from it, she can get a nice income without it as well. As for her dancing, honestly it's not so different than it was before. Yes, obviously, she used to be better but the style is still pretty much the same. I know people say she's stiff but seeing it in person it's kind of the opposite. She's almost too fluid in her movements, and she never quite hits the move and instead just flows into the next one, but that's still not necessarily bad. All in all, she exceeded my expectations and if she tours again or does another residency I will most certainly be going.
  6. The pose and the latex are giving me severe Oops vibes and i love it.
  7. Sis... that body language. As soon as he mentioned Britney she started swiveling that chair like it was a sit n spin. She’s lying. Dear lord I really hope they did some major reconstruction to that demo.
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