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  1. Dignity was an excellent album which underperformed in comparison to her previous efforts because the shift was almost too quick and hollywood records didn't know how to promote her. she still managed to get a #1 album though right? anyway, I like her when she's acting (especially on television) but i'll be real.. Never Let You Go is bad. I liked BOBO because they were nice pop tracks (which aged like milk tbh) when i was in my senior year of high school and first year of undergrad. personally however, i think she's lost her passion for music and quite honestly she doesn't have the stage presence or longevity now to really chart. if it's a passion project, then sure! but i don't think she really cares and her vocals from a 2020 context are not strong enough for me to care either in that case. if she continued with where she was going with Dignity and Holiday I think I'd prefer her music long-term. If she needs to make music, I think she should just release single after single (this is coming from her bIGGEST stan growing up- I even went to see the Most Wanted tour which was my first concert) because she keeps talking **** about how she doesn't want to make music. like okay, then don't lol. I love Younger though and she's great on it!
  2. thank you! i've ben requesting early 2000 VMAs because i want to look at the sound they used at the time and incorporate that to match my style of singing/poetry. i wrote that clip on the spot and sang whatever came to my head at the time idk i'm glad you guys like it! i also think that even though MTV and the concept of the music video has died vis a vis streaming, I think that visuals are a huge component to art so I tried to incorporate such. thanks for the feedback guys!
  3. super cool! i'm going to do a little promo for myself since i'm attempting to make music. what do you guys think of this little demo i recorded frestyling? maybe it could be a chorus
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