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  1. she really is a queen that can give you Moscas en la Casa and Chantaje isn't she I wish she would do something a little more Fijación Oral and less El Dorado but I stan either way
  2. lol every couple of weeks/months this topic reappears yes there are worst things out there in the world but Brenda Joan is not better than literally anything else she has ever released you can enjoy it in an ironic way like the fake Britney runs the different girls who aren't Britney try to do in some songs and tbh I loved Christina's first album, Mandy Moore's, so the concept of a fake Britney album isn't new and we can still enjoy it
  3. This guy made at least one annoying video about Britney and his conspiracy theories about Mona Lisa I've had him cancelled since he tried to act as a psychologist and assigned mental illnesses to people he has never met for millions of views, allying himself with star was also **** bougie ***** who's been on youtube for forever should also have some thicker skin
  4. Queen of being eternally relevant even when everyone is locked in: Queen of speed (faster than Usain Bolt) Queen of twirling Queen of eras: the Glory era is her longest one since she's been promoting it in 2020 Queen of the gays: she loves us all at the LGBT community Queen of burning her house gym down and it being a meme Queen of delaying her slay: posting mixes for Mood Ring now with an old new vocal line and also the new Glory cover Queen of memes again: Criminal and If U Seek Amy being memes on TikTok Queen of communism: promoting loving each other and spreading her fortune among her stans This is just during covid time she really is also the queen of my heart isnt she
  5. Madonna deserves tbh, she's been there for us since the 80s when no one would be
  6. ugh I love the three of them. They're for different moods (rings) I feel
  7. tbh I think there's a place for a conversation about Slave and its implications. Especially having in mind the drama with Shea and someone saying a white drag queen should whip a black queen during the present #BLM protests to the song. I'm sure Britney loves the song, it's a sexy song that could've easily been a Janet song, Pharrell worked on it and it's one of the most important songs for her legacy. But there is a reason why Janet didn't use it, a black woman singing about being a slave after having released albums that tackled racism and inequality would've looked awful. Britney as a white icon could release it and not really face any issues with the slave context. Even with the context of #FreeBritney we could interpret Britney being a slave to her current handlers, earning them money and that could be the reason why she's loved performing it: maybe she likes saying the quiet part out loud under the pretense of her just performing one of her songs. I don't think it's problematic myself, but I can see how people could argue it is.
  8. Showdown has always been one of the songs I have played the most off of In The Zone actually, it works really well in playlists with Slave I think it really works as a bridge between danceney and Breathe On Me/Touch of My Hand sexyney, it's very Janet Jackson which we stan, reminds me a bit of parts in The Velvet Rope
  9. work at the "new line" being the audio equivalent to the "new" Glory cover only she could deliver like this
  10. Ooooooooooooooo this is really cool, queens Britney and Tinashe releasing mixes Tinashe's voice has more harmonies now and seems deeper at parts, sounds like she didn't record new vocals but were edited to be deeper and more interesting, which I think works very well. call me out if im being a dumb ***** who doesnt know about music Some remixes have weird effects added to the singer's voice so they sound odd (some Britney mixes that edit her vocals to make the song go faster do this and I can't get into them), but this one did it well ugh
  11. Workkkkkkkkkk these new mixes are really cool Come to think of it, the Glory era (has) had really good mixes, the Cash Cash remix for Make Me was cool and also the Bad Royale mix for Slumber Party She's serving with the new "there's only one *****..." part, I wonder if she went to the study just to record that or that voice note existed somewhere for some other project are these spoken parts her only new content since 2016
  12. I got into Tinashe some short time after getting into Britney (made me a stan with Slumber Party but never really checked on Tinashe herself) Tbh Tinashe should be as big as Rihanna and Songs For You was such a serve, I recommend Save Room For Us, Perfect Crime and Know Better to anyone who hasn't heard it
  13. Oh wow at her working with Mirwais! His work with Madonna is some of my favourite, and I'm guessing it's gonna be more Music than American Life this new Kylie Which btw my scrobbles are gonna be broken rip original Kylie album
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