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  1. sounds weird.... :-/ doesn't fit to the instrumental... they should reproduce id with the right key....
  2. Really? I think INSIDE OUT isn't the best song at FF.... Never understood why they all call it BEST SONG of the record.... TTYH, U'N'D are really way much better...
  3. HOLLAND same like over here in germany... You can find Xtina's perfumes EVERYWHERE!
  4. In germany the only perfume I can find ist FANTASY TIC.... Once they had Private Show... Years ago you had the chance to buy FANTASY, MIDNIGHT FANTASY and Radiance... Oh and when CURIOUS had release you could buy it... But that's really many years ago.... So now you can only order them in the internet...
  5. tired of all these empty words.... we all know how it*s gonna end.... And really, no one gives a thing about what we, as the fans - buying alll this ****, think or write.... whatever... there's alway gonna be someone buying a ticket, believing in this words.... As long as just one person is waking up in the morning with believing in shitty words, they will continue to believe in the words of the fu***ng ringleader in this game.... LR.
  6. 1.) Work ***** 2.) Gimme More 3.) Boys 4.) Rebellion (it sound really like trash what we all heared) 5.) All that she wants (same as rebellion - trash) 6.) Womanizer (for me just a remix with different lyrics of OOH OOH BABY) :-p
  7. ...BABY ONE MORE TIME -> "CRAZY" 1.) ...Baby One More Time 2.) I Will Be There 3.) E-Mail My Heart OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN -> "Stronger" 1.) Stronger 2.) Oops!...I Did It Again 3.) When Your Eyes Say It BRITNEY -> "Cinderella" 1.) Cinderella 2.) Lonely 3.) I'm A Slave 4 U IN THE ZONE -> "Get In The Zone" 1.) Toxic 2.) Breathe On Me 3.) Shadow BLACKOUT -> "Piece Of Me" 1.) Piece Of Me 2.) Toy Soldier 3.) Break The Ice CIRCUS -> "Circus" 1.) Circus 2.) Unusual You 3.) Womanizer FEMME FATALE-> "Inside Out" 1.) Inside Out 2.) (Drop Dead) Beautiful 3.) Till The World Ends BRITNEY JEAN-> "Who I Am" 1.) Work ***** 2.) Tik Tik Boom 3.) Now That I Found You GLORY-> "Come Over" 1.) Do You Wanna Come Over 2.) Love Me Down 3.) Slumber Party
  8. morea ttention for TOM'S DINER would have been a first step LOL... even this track ist "gone with the wind"....
  9. She should give Larry & RCA a big kick in the *** and start with people who knows how to do their job... I would wait 2 more years if she starts with a new team.... But that Larry RCA **** is really no worth to wait for....
  10. 01.) Work ***** 02.) It Should Be Easy feat. will.I.am 03.) Perfume 04.) Now That I Found You
  11. EDIT by Niki: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=562883 Hey , what so you think? Ja Britney already in Berlin today? Er are over here singe yesterday... who will be there tomorrow??
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