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  1. No but like guys come on, you're just making stuff up, without any proof. I highly doubt a judge in the USA would put someone under a conservatorship, someone uber famous, for literally no reason. I do agree that her father and some people around her are obviously milking her, but I don't think it goes further than that.
  2. + I think most of you need to learn to make the difference between fact and fantasy. This whole thing is embarrassing.
  3. I love that not a single one of you starts to think about the fact that maybe all this #freebritney thing is just the result of some really bored fans and that Rose McGowan deleted her post because she was made aware that Britney is not a prisoner nor is she being used by anyone. Remember, there are no actual proofs or anything that back up what the freebritney '''''movement'''' states. And tbh, I've cringed at most of the #freebritney stuff since the beginning, there's not a single proof of anything. Y'all should just let it rest for a bit, because I feel like all this might be an embarrassment for Brit.
  4. "deserves" "worked hard" Love how capitalist propaganda is well spread.
  5. honey me too, been on exhale since 2007, even though this account is recent I personally don't like xtina, but coming for her weight is just low brow.......
  6. Anyone noticed that the post was commented by V Magazine ?
  7. the kind of post and comments only a sad and disgusting human being could make
  8. you basically just spread out rumours. u all know NOTHING and just invent bs regarding Britney and her """"team""". Don't come and cry when she doesn't release new music when y'all've pissed her with saying stuff like "ugh she's mind controlled, she's too dumb to post stuff on the internet'.
  9. define looking good. define respect define osef de ton opinion
  10. Scary screams 2011 like all FF songs, so no thx
  11. You're mistaking being gay for being an ***
  12. Of course ! Best Britney gallery in the world ! Good luck and good job
  13. unimportant people, in an unimportant place/country, caring about frivolous stuff
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