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  1. Stannedforever

    other Domination 1st vs 2nd leg Game

    You have to copy the pictures link (right click on pc or hold the pic on mobile and press copy image link) and paste it in the text box, if you do it correctly the image appears. First Leg Second Leg
  2. Stannedforever

    music If you ever need to torture someone...

    Well it's not my favorite song and easily one of the worst songs from glory but glory is such a fun album to listen including if i'm dancing Also it actually has Britney on it unlike those horrible ear bleed tracks on the video
  3. Stannedforever

    music If you ever need to torture someone...

    For clarity those are some of her best vocal runs on BJ and her most personal lyrics to date
  4. Stannedforever

    music If you ever need to torture someone...

    But I like IID
  5. Stannedforever

    music If you ever need to torture someone...

    I can't believe this is the same person I stan
  6. Stannedforever

    other Britney with pixie cut

    That would be cute when she's 50
  7. Britney would succeed very well even in today's standards if she worked as hard as she did back in 1998-2004
  8. She sounds bad on those IG videos because she's trying to do that horrible nasal sexy baby voice but mixed with her more natural range. She needs more confidence and vocal lessons (even pros need to level up their vocal skills)
  9. Stannedforever

    Glory is Over-Hyped

    Overhyped or not, it was never bad album. Yeah most of the songs were safe bets and "boring" but use your ears: Britneys voice is everywhere in the songs; lead, background, adlibs, effects, layered with some instruments etc. I mean last time britney was this much in her own album was in ITZ era. In blackout, circus, FF and BJ most of her songs she sings just the lead vocals and someone else sings the backing and adlibs or her voice is just pitch shifted into BG vocals like in 3 or Piece of me. I feel like she loved doing glory and is happy with it. She sang even in the damn choirs in most of the songs. And even if her voice is processed in the record, for the first time in ages the album does not sound like she went to studio and chewed gum and sang for 3 minutes and left
  10. Stannedforever

    news Paris Hilton talks Britney 2008 VMAs.

    I'm not fan of Paris but I kinda understand that gay statement. I mean as a gay myself I know very well that there are some men (especially in those dating apps) that just go out with random men every once in a while to have casual sex without protection. It's disgusting that they don't test themselves and keep on going, so paris has point but she chose her words very poorly (i'm pretty sure she meant those thirsty men in grindr, not all gays as she had gay friend with her) anyway it was private conversation and I think it's more gross that people are leaking those as sometimes you may say something that may sound way more extreme than it is meant to be. sorry for off topic
  11. Let's play this game. I post my favorite picture from year 1998 and next one posts their favorite from 1999 and so on until it's current year. Then the next one restarts and sends their fav pic from 1998 1998