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  1. Me opening the mobile website and about to press something Random full screen pop up: JUSTICE FOR BON APETIT BY KATY PERRY, READ IT NOW. OH BUT PAY FIRST LOLOLOO Me trying to press anything Random ad appearing in the bottom of the screen and making me miss click : NOT SO FAST Me:
  2. Wait it is? I'm a flop. But yeah seems to be kinda inaccurate list. Streaming really messed up the total sales calculation lol
  3. I know but I can't help but think all the gross things happening behind the scenes. It's really hard to listen albums from circus to glory because I keep thinking how she was forced to do some of them (basically most of FF and everything she sings in BJ) or her vision was scrapped. This is why I won't give them even 10 streams because even smaller things can make big impacts
  4. TBH baby one more time is not that great album. I mean I love it deep in my heart but there are definitely fillers and songs that didn't age well at all. I think that Fame (monster) is in the other hand really overrated album. It has great pop history in it but also it wasn't that different from the other albums that were released at the time.
  5. So with all the drama and things going on I tried to not listen her songs for a while because her royalties are mostly going to the evil machine that ruins her life. It's been almost like a month without listening to any of her songs. But today I played my old playlist and circus started to play. I was going to skip but.... Have you been more successful
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My Experience Watching Janet Jackson Perform In Vegas Post-Britney Spears’ Piece Of Me Era