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  1. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman The lyrics didn't resonate with me when it was released and it felt very manufactured ballad, but now I consider it as a classic pop ballad I also love to belt it out loud on my living room
  2. I remember some fan saying that How I Roll and Up n' Down are fillers That was the last time that person was seen
  3. Sometimes I get down and think things like "why are we even fighting for #FREEBRITNEY if team C fights harder and the fight feels endless" but then I see videos where she just smiles like these and it reminds me of the PERSON that we fight for, the person who was happy and grateful for her fans and just wanted to be happy herself. The person who was genuine and kind to everyone but people still wanted to use her and tear her down. Seeing her smile brings all the memories back of that person who was so excited to talk about her first album in 1998 interviews to the times when she just wanted to have a happy family. (sorry if I got too motivational over an Instagram video but) I will never stop fighting for #FREEBRITNEY
  4. I've never understood why stanbases have to tear each others down to make their own fave look better. Ariana is great and I love her but why are these toxic stans trying to downplay Britney's success and impact nowadays. It's true that Britney's albums are "flopping" now but why does it even matter? Her legacy is far greater than any of those modern day mega succesful artists legacy will be. If anything these modern day female pop stars should be grateful for artists like Madonna, Britney, Christina, Janet, Mariah etc who had to go thru all the **** they don't have to deal with (most of them are actually, it's just their toxic stans that are acting this way).
  5. I actually believe that she still loves making music and dancing, but NOT just to make money. I feel like she could return to studio and the stage IF she was free from conservatorship and bad record deals so that she could do whatever she pleases (tour as much as she wants, record songs with full creative freedom, record albums without rushing them etc)
  6. So she has to pay over 2 million dollars per year to all the leeches around her that are just abusing her. And that's just for legal fees. I feel physically sick.
  7. They've already gaslighted the fans multiple times with those fake captions, weird photo posts (like the skeleton baby one) and with sabotaging her videos with all those erratic edits to make her look like a crazy person. This is nothing new and more fans should open their eyes to see who controls the narrative and why.
  8. Honestly, at this point nothing behind the whole "Britney Spears" brand is real. As long as she's in the abusive conservatorship, her abusers have all the power to control that billion dollar brand as much as they want
  9. It was posted like week after the document. It was clear what she actually meant behind the sarcasm.
  10. Can we now officially start call her instagram posts as "Britney's instagram posts:" instead of "Britney:"
  11. This would have been cool song in 2012 after party. Sorry, just no.
  12. https://britneyspearsmedia.ru/extras/fonts/ I know this is ooold thread, but here you go The "Britney" Font is named BURFORD INLINE
  13. I'm just so tired of hearing about Britney's opinion, Britney's feelings, Britney's life, Britney's decisions, Britney's wants and Britney's prerogatives from EVERYONE else but Britney herself. I have really bad feeling about this new propaganda wave about how her dad is the only problem in Britney's life. The conservatorship WILL be problem as long as she is in it. It doesn't matter who's in charge because in the end of the day, someone will always find the way to benefit from it, just because they can. #FREEBRITNEY, and end conservatorship. It has done no good and it will never do any good to Britney.
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