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  1. Imagine being so famous that your panties and various other junk are sold for ~$260000
  2. Why is Mariah famous when there's even better singers than her? Why is anyone anything when someone else is better at it. But seriously, this is easy answer: her debut happened around time when there was no solo female artist that was appealing to young audiences. Madonna, Cher, Celiné Dion, Brandy, Monica, Shania Twain, Janet etc were all grown adults making music for grown adults, and the market that was appealing to kids/teens was overly suturated by boy/girl bands to a point where people were tired of having new ones spawning almost weekly. Baby one more time had great music video and great production and Britney herself was very charming to younger audiences.
  3. I'm not Jennifer Lopez fan but those two songs doesn't even have the same chord progression Slumber party chorus is Am-Dm-Em-Em-G That Jennifer Lopez song is Am-Dm-G-C-B both are super popular chord progressions on pop music
  4. Fun fact: she used to be #3 most viewed channel all time while constantly being #1 weekly most viewed channel on YouTube pre-vevo. This was back when "Fred" was #1 and was the first channel ever to get 1 million subscribers
  5. I would probably act similar to her in that situation. I'm a male who was taught to not show emotions (because boy's don't cry etc) and every time I do get emotional I still even nowadays try my best to hold my emotions back. This has caused severe emotional distress to me and I there ever is a situation where I just cry, it's ugly; I try to act that I'm fine and start do and say weird things just like her in that interview. Notice how she smiles when she says "It's pretty rough (year)", this is her first try to fight her emotions, instead of being openly emotional she acts like everything is fine (with a fake smile). Then she spaces out for a moment and starts acting goofy, this is a sign that she just can't come up with an answer without crying so she tries to just joke it off. Then she just straight breaks down. She wasn't mind controlled, she was emotiionally train wreck at the time and needed a long break. Also Diane Sawyer is really disgusting interviewer like, who wouldn't cry after all those pushing questions? Also I don't believe in the whole MK ultra, but you CAN easily break human beings mind with manipulating and controlling their actions long enough, just like media and her team loved to do back then
  6. This is the highest quality I could find (link)
  7. Is this thread ever going to be on topic. This has been off-topic since page 2
  8. Not to be rude sweetie, but if you put your photo on the internet, and someone else uses it, it's not defamation
  9. as an album, ...baby one more time is quite mediocre. It has fillers and cover songs and it's obvious that they didn't fully have a vision neither vocal-wise or production-wise for Britney yet. This makes Billie's debut better album than Britney's debut But the singles alone in BOMT are more iconic than her whole career yet
  10. I don't find it cringe, songs aren't supposed to be about the artist necessarily, they are there to tell a story. However I do find it cringe when she lipsyncs to her 20 year old self singing these vocals
  11. piece of me: Her vocals are layered, chopped and pitch shifted so much that you can't even tell how many voices are singing at the same time and when you combine this with the lyrics where she is asking "are you seriously wanting to be like me?" Mannequin: The lyrics are very non-Britney and overall quite experimental song Breathe on me: I love the song but there's something creepy about it, especially the bridge 3: The stem layer called "indian" creeps me out lol
  12. I really want Oops... (album) stems. Stronger, lucky, Oops... I did it again, What u see, Can't make you love me.... So many great hidden or layered vocals, synths and samples yet to be unfolded
  13. She may be forced to do music at least, by contractual reasons. She's still signed to RCA. We don't know for sure, but I really got feeling during the short-lived glory era that she still enjoys making music, she just needs her creative freedom and not being forced to do trashy music/performances/appearances (ie Britney Jean, Femme Fatale era)
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