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  1. Loved the article a lot. I wish we could heard more about glory and Britney Jean because she and her team have been very silent about them
  2. It's rare to see Jordan wearing shirt. Love the design tho
  3. Stannedforever

    tour What Was Your Reaction to the FFT

    Honestly, I wasn't caring that much. But I loved some of the remixes tho! Gimme more and the Egyptian vibes fit so well together.
  4. Stannedforever

    tour She fixes her hair about 26 times in Womanizer

    everyone was so hyped for a catwalk and all she does is angry walking on it while fixing her hair
  5. Stannedforever

    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    If you can compare FF promo to her current tour and say it's better have her doing POM then why don't you compare GLORY promo to FF tour and say it's better doing album after album. She seemed very alive and enjoying herself on every GLORY related promo (the private show commercial, jimmy kimmel, ellen, carpool karaoke). I wish they would pushed the album more with proper marketing tho. I see why they don't want to release new singles now as they probably think POM is way more profitable than promoting new album just to have it flop again. I know new music is coming but I'm not sure if it's gonna do any better than her two last albums if she's not promoting and just keeps on doing POM.
  6. Stannedforever

    event New Vegas residency would be career suicide.

    Well I see a lot of madonna in britney. Both were hugely popular as first doing bubblegum pop and then turned into more maturey sound (well madonna was way more extreme with this with erotica etc). Britney Reinvented herself on every album from innocent teen of BOMT to naughty girl next door on OOPS!... to coming-to-age story on BRITNEY to powerful sexual woman on ITZ to dark and urban on BO to again more innocent and cleaner image in CIRCUS to dubstep/edm dance album FF. Both BJ and GLORY have been generic (I love glory but it's nothing new) and have hugely suffered because of POM taking all her time. I want to believe But they are way more focused on keeping the horrible POM-esque shows going on. I wonder if Britney did new material that she actually liked, would she enjoy performing more? And if she was the biggest pop star again would they make better shows overall
  7. Stannedforever

    music TTWE vs DANCE TTWE

    I prefer the original but that light flare effect is super annoying. I can see how it ended up in the video. Britney: I want something futuristic Editor: we could add light flare on this scene Britney: I love please add it on every scene Editor: But there's no light source, you can't just add it to dark scenes... Britney: I. Want. It. On. Every. Scene.
  8. This is not hate thread. I'm just really concerned about 2019 and after that. POM started in almost 5 years ago and while it was okay at first they decided to milk all the money out of it. Britney is still young and could still achieve huge success (Madonna was 47 when confessions and hung up sold 10 million copies and Cher was 53 when believe (song and album) sold 10 million copies). It's well known fact that she dislikes her older songs which is understandable as they are written for teenage girl. And we heard on glory that she has passion for music again. So this is why i'm concerned: If she decides to do another POM that would last up to 5-10 years we probably won't get any new music. And if we get we won't get a promo which means she will be fading star. POM is already getting a lot of poor critical reviews and if this same downhill keeps going she will be "has-been" for drunk vegas goers. I don't want that. I don't want another vegas disaster.