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  1. Whoa! I'm not surprised she deleted the tweet, the sheer fact that she even sent it out in the first place is HUGE since she's probably the most popular/followed celebrity today! Really hoping that big moves are being made behind the scenes by powerful people to get Britney out of this corrupt situation (and to throw Jamie and Loucifer in jail )
  2. This post actually lifted my spirits ahaha all the good energy out there for Britney! Eat ****, Loucifer.
  3. Wow, this is huge. No wonder Britney never wanted her father to be in charge of her finances, he's a moron and literally gives psycho Lou however much of Britney's money she asks for in a single email. Shouldn't this massive increase of income to Tri Star have been reported to the courts, per court regulations? Clearly this was nothing more than a big money laundering scheme from the beginning. Hopefully this big piece of evidence ends up supporting Britney's case and helps prove the corruption of the conservatorship. I can't wait until Britney is free and Jamie and Lou Taylor are rotting in jail. They are about as awful as human beings can get.
  4. The corruption in the conservatorship could not be more blatantly obvious at this point. Jamie and Lou can literally rot in the worst pits of hell. Glad Britney is finally seeing through the bribes to do anything to make money for them, though! She's stronger than we all realize
  5. Lol Lou is clearly a sociopath - if she doesn't care about anybody but herself and personal gain, then we ought to not give a **** about her (outside of putting pressure on the conservatorship)
  6. She may have just been cautious during the interview since it's public and privately she knows more about Britney's situation/is more supportive of the movement.
  7. If the cship ends (fingers crossed) and SHE makes the decision to retire, then that's awesome and I'm more than happy for her. It's really unfortunate that she hasn't been able to make such a decision for over 12 years.
  8. She most likely has a limited plan/list of contact she's allowed to call, approved by her team and everything (aka not able to help her get out of the conservatorship or have a lawyer of her own). She literally is not allowed to be alone and go over to Madonna's house, sadly. It's all part of the regulations
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