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  1. Hi there! The term “Antebellum” means “before the war.” It’s typically used when referring to America before the Civil War when slavery was still legally permitted. The Antebellum South existed in America from about the late 1700s until 1861.
  2. Unrelated, but my “reveal hidden content” and emotes buttons are broken again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I’m watching Jacksepticeye’s playthrough, and it just seems like he’s trying is hard to like the game. And yeah, there’s definitely more appropriate ways to have LGBT+ inclusion in a game than making a random trans woman kill the most beloved character of the series.
  4. What are your thoughts on the story so far? I typically enjoy let’s-plays, but I feel like I’m forcing myself to get through it.
  5. Does anyone still plan on watching gameplay/playing, now that we know how bad the plot is? Not dropping any money whatsoever, but I’m interested in seeing some YouTuber reactions.
  6. Nope. Was it dumb of me to say hello? Probably. But I ain’t that much of an idiot to comment on the post itself
  7. Just sent a simple hello. Wasn’t dumb enough to comment. That’s how stuff immediately gets shut down.
  8. Just saying accounts that have only existed for such a short amount of time typically turn out to be fake. update - the user just commented on the dance subreddit
  9. I’ll keep a look out on this user, but this is probably fake. The account was only made an hour ago...
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