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  1. On his album from 2002 there was a song “Good enough” where he already lowkey stated he was a stan: “Even though I dig alternative style Occasionally I can be caught dancin' to Britney“
  2. Yeah GP is generally like that, but there are some cool stories. Mine was mom to bring up an example, who when she saw her performing at the VMA 2000 for the first time, nodded seriously with big eyes and said: you know son I can see why you are into this girl, she’s amazing. Also remember back in 2003 I had the VMA 2003 on repeat basically... so everytime I put it on and my mother heard the very first synth accords of Like a virgin she ran into my room from the kitchen with her ladle still in her hand saying: I gotta watch this once again. And she was rocking to that, sometimes even more than me lol.
  3. I live for authentic Britney adlibs. And I don’t know... a little bit sceptical about the ones towards the end. Sometimes I hear Britney in some of them and then I don’t. Maybe someday when stems leak we will know for sure. But I’m enjoying the song no matter what.
  4. She just can’t let it go, can she? Britney must have made a huge impression on her back in the day that she’s still so maniac. This clown will never smile but explode in despair.
  5. Wanted to ask. Is it you on the gif? Just wondering because I'm lurking on here for long years, seen you commenting a lot and it's always better pairing a face to the usernames.
  6. For me they have even switched the product photo to the old one. I mean I felt a little bit annoyed but could cancel it. How can a team be so lame I just effing can’t... it feels like no matter what platform you used for the order the same will happen everywhere. so finally I use the local store where I could pre-order as well it but if the same happens there too I will just let it go for a while. it’s funny that they don’t even know how to grab some easy money
  7. I was thinking about that too. But I have a feeling she still has it, it’s just that she used to be more transparent back then. I wonder how cohesive or coherent she could be now... she could tell a lot to people but would she present it in the way she did back then? That is probably the biggest question.
  8. Handlers: -Britney make a short video to insta and say you’re fine, just to calm the ****!n people down. They get on our nerves. And then you’ll see your boys one more time per month. And believe me Britney will do it as genuine as she can for the better conditions. But I personally don’t buy it. Must be another agreement behind the scenes and that’s why she seems more genuine. But something is still off. My two cents on it.
  9. One more thing please: does she love herself (as Felicia claimed years ago she wasn’t)? So will we see the bubbly, carefree Britney again or do you see any progression regarding this area in the future?
  10. Can you tell us whether she is the one controlling her instagram, and overall how much is she aware of the Real circumstances? FreeBritney movement for example...
  11. If I had any of them I wouldn't sell them ever. Mostly because it has not only a real value (which can changed according to the demand) but theoretical value as well. I mean what is more iconic than a dress from a music video or tour. Whatever. It's a pop culture relic.
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