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  1. I barely understand what she’s saying in Guilty’s second verse while I love the first. So not always.
  2. In some official remixes you can get the idea what some of these songs are like without the vocalists. Like the Overprotected JS16 remix, or the Miguel Migs remixes of Stronger. But there’s plenty more. Still I think it’s an amazing idea and would love to hear them all for a long time. So thanks for doing this!
  3. She was everywhere. That wasn’t really the era of social media or the internet (although there was but not in every household) but you literally just turned on your television and wait for a bit and she was there in some specials or in a music video. I remember waiting for her having my VHS tape in the recorder and my fingers on the rec button... just in case. Many times she appeared and I didn’t even know what was coming. One award show appearance, then a skit, then a music video, a pepsi commercial. I was really proud as a fan. She had such a huge impact. I wish I could show you some scans but we had a music magazine called Popcorn - monthly issue and she was on the front page in a row for months. Some people even freaked out. Was like a Britney magazine. But you could actually buy any kind of... there was always an article or a photo. I swear no one got as much posters in print as she did. You could wallpaper your room with them. Ahhh cheesy times
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