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  1. Do Somethin'

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    Why is this so accurate tho? lol
  2. Do Somethin'

    socialney Britney on "MOM" tv series

    Is it weird that i read: "...i was at the Work B*tch studios..." before i realized it was Warner Bros? lmao
  3. OMG they're actually freaking GREAT!!!!!
  4. Do Somethin'

    exhale I must confess

  5. OMG i'm in love with that FF cover
  6. What's wrong with you? I only expressed my opinion WITHOUT being rude, if u can't do the same it's not my problem but learn how to be polite and you know what? YOU shut the f*ck up
  7. I love her but i stopped watching after the BTI chorus, all those fast arms movements gave me anxiety... Edit: Damn tho, she's on fire during Clumsy/CYM
  8. I'm more surprised that her hair is down and that she wore a better outfit lol but yeah i love when she's into what she does!
  9. Not to mention that with all those outtakes for Private Show they could have released a MV sure it's not the best song ever and it didn't even had to be a single, just a random MV to promote her fragrance, it would have been something at least but they only released 1 min of footage too bad tho cause she looked AMAZING and obviously it would have been A LOT better than the released version of Make Me...