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  1. TMZ posted a pro-conservatorship story today. In it, they claim that the permanent conservatorships Britney Spears was involuntarily placed under, the ones she tried fighting to get out of, are responsible for keeping her alive. Here's a copy + paste snippet of what they wrote: "Here's the reality. We've reported for the last 2 years ... Britney is struggling. Her meds stopped working and doctors were having trouble finding the right combination. Sources with direct knowledge tell us she's not been easy to deal with ... she sometimes complains she wants more freedom. Short story -- she hasn't been especially stable managing her mental illness." They also claim Britney doesn't see her kids as much because of her mental state. TMZ had this to say: "The conservatorship has been around for 12 years -- an incredibly unusual amount of time for a conservatorship to last, but this one's different." They add: "Our sources have said for years ... Britney's mental illness requires this conservatorship -- probably for life." TMZ denies Britney's father, Jamie Spears, who acts as the conservator over Britney's finances, is abusing his power. "There is a slew of people involved in the conservatorship -- doctors, lawyers, therapists and a judge. There is no way Jamie could go rogue without one of the others taking it to the judge." Finally, they claim a source close to Britney said this: "These people who are screaming for the conservatorship to end, well if that happened and she hurt herself or died 2 weeks after would these people utter a peep? No way."
  2. I could totally see her playing one of Jill's rich snobby friends and just being so funny. She doesnt have to be in recovery. I *****ng love MOM.
  3. It really is. It deserved the #1. Promo would have helped.
  4. This song truly deserved to go #1. I know there should have been promotion for it, but still...
  5. How can I post th How can I post so the photo shows on the thread? Newbie here.
  6. You can tell she messed up already and is looking off to her left to either be fed lines or motions.
  7. No, she isn't. Britney is releasing a unisex fragrance, and its a stretch calling it unisex. I bought it yesterday and it's very perfume like. I want a cologne. Rihanna and Paris Hilton put out colognes. Britney has such a huge male fanbase. I just feel that the idea may not even be in her head.
  8. HQ: http://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=561809 This just from a video on IG. I havent saw it yet posted here.
  9. I understand. I met Britney in Vegas and of course never thought of that but we talked for about a minute. It was cool. I just wouldnt have an issue asking. I just want to hear her response. I feel like the idea may not even be in her head. So someone should plant it.
  10. I was not able to score a M&G because they sold out, but I really want to know if a fan can please ask Britney to make a cologne for all of her male fans at their meet and greet? Like I want to hear what she says. I will even pay you to ask LOL. We need a cologne!!!!
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