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  1. "Wtf went wrong" Honestly? She's lazy and doesn't have the same care levels. To do what Beyonce does you have to work your *** off, care to perfect every part of your show and don't sit on your legend status because it's not the end. 2 different people, 2 different lives. Britney had her personal issues which probably attributed to her attitude towards work and maybe she's even afraid to be on top as once she was as it came with problems attached she went through hell for. Who knows. Fact is, she needs to work her *** off to be where she used to be and how much effort she used to put but I don't see that happening since she stopped putting that effort post Circus.
  2. She needs to ditch those stupid heels that make her dance like she is propped by a stick in her *** and use some platform damn shoes like she used to use when she danced her *** off.
  3. She was called by the PA. They time her interviews and let her know when to wrap up, you can see her looking behind the scenes and then saying bye.
  4. Mine 1. I couldn't care less about the scrapped Make me video. Thank God it was. 2. Femme Fatale is fine and better than Blackout. 3. Her Vegas outfits are horrible. I miss when some sort of pants/shorts still covered her ***. 4. In the zone era was the best era. It was the most fun era to be a fan of her, it kept on giving until federline happened. 5. Couldn't care less about her lipsynching and couldn't care less if she would ever change it. It's been a topic since she first came out in 1999, and frankly idk why it's still even a topic. (But I guess newer fans haven't had decades of those discussions so it's still new and shocking to them) 6. I don't want her to do Superbowl and hope she never does it. A lot of those aren't even unpopular. Like...liking cry me a river. Have ya all not been there when it was released, it was huge, every freakin Britney fan loved it and $hit on Britney inclusive lol.
  5. Nah her body is banging hot as ever, that's one part of her that she can get away with wearing anything. Also, everything from 90s era are coming back in fashion.
  6. Britney culture is celebrating your fav not lip synching a happy birthday song
  7. What. I have yet to see anyone in Orange County wear those damn panda eyes with pride, shop budget places with millions in bank account and pick the wrong surgeon. I WISH she learned a little from orange countients.
  8. Britney can challenge it any time she wants, her lawyers she currently has I can personally assure you are brilliant and would have the job done.
  9. Someone from her family that should be mentioned in her court documents takes over, this goes until Britney intervenes and get the c-ship off with her Attorneys. I predict after kids turn 18.
  10. Makes sense why I saw Jamie meeting attorneys the other day, good thinking from his attorneys side lol.
  11. ^^The issue is not that she got the work done, heck everyone does it, find someone in Hollywood who doesn't, the issue is that it's terrible. She could have done something that's natural enhancing her natural features and making her younger versus changing her features completely. Anyway, sort of hope she does see these articles around and realizes it does not look good and fixes her face before it's too late.
  12. I'm surprised to see people unexcited for this lmao. this is a HUGE fcking deal. Kenzo is high end fashion, it's extremely hard to land commercials, projects like this, and mostly happens to actresses (Natalie Portman - Dior, Kristen Stewart - Chanel etc.) i'm insanely excited for Britney. It's what she deserves
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