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  1. SlaaayBitch

    tour this is so petty

    maybe she should throw her own branded "work bitch" hat.... might make others in the audience want to buy one..... but please let the person who catches it keep it
  2. SlaaayBitch

    other Europe stage?

    staaaahp hahahaa
  3. SlaaayBitch

    other Europe stage?

    I want the explosions!!! They make the show 10x better!
  4. SlaaayBitch

    tour Meet & Greet Question

    who the f is mikey?
  5. SlaaayBitch

    tour Meet & Greet Question

    The shade of it all
  6. SlaaayBitch

    tour Meet & Greet Question

    You could do pinkys!
  7. SlaaayBitch

    music My Britney Remixes

    I'd love a Work Bitch remix that starts out with just a few instruments and then builds it's such an epic song and would sound fire!
  8. wow, they must put in so much research..... how shady tho, carpool karaoke
  9. it'll creep into stores very soon... they don't really do a set date for all stores, it's just more as to when the perfume arrives in stores and is stocked on shelves
  10. she could just wear one of these since she only talks into the mic
  11. that doesn't make any sense as to why it's a special place
  12. SlaaayBitch

    other Old POM Pre-recorded vocals?

    womanizer & POM are so much better with pre-recorded vocals because the originals are so robotic...