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  1. Some of the Exhalers are just as dumb as it gets... "I will not support her music to help 'Free Britney, stop the cship abuse and the money milking'"..... Sure... Cause you know, Larry and Team B will not just jump to the next singer wannabe to make more money as soon as you guys make Britney so irrelevant that she's no longer of any use... Stop supporting Britney will only make her stop making new music and make people literally forget her over time... Congrats, you guys freed Britney, from team B, from success, from her work, from history! YAY
  2. So, there is this person selling an CD with Rebellion and a couple other songs and mixes on eBay.... Thoughts? https://bit.ly/2U8d0ng
  3. Sam was literally joking with an old picture of her and his for being similar like hours ago... Do you really think a boyfriend in a 2 year old relationship would be playing influencer on instagram as his girlfriend had just overdosed??!?!? Don't think so... You guys are terrible detectives...
  4. Oh gosh... So much free time for the Britney fans... Can someone start a rumor about another featuring song??? We need some interesting topics other than someone pretending to be Britney...
  5. I'm from Brazil and the GP definetely know her songs, but not necessarily who sings it. Although if you say her name most of the people will say "I've heard of her" or "I know her"... And the people who consumes pop music mostly like her and admire her for turning her life around... Musicly speaking, she is loved, her songs are hits here, Criminal for example was a smash hit here in Brazil, people love it until this day... But she is very made fun of cause of the playback as well...
  6. I actually still think "Domination" would be amazing... And they could use the idea of Britney coming back to "reclaim the crown and dominate the world"... I like it and that's what matters
  7. Yep, Britney was certified platinum this week on Denmark with My Only Wish (This Year)... Yep, we stan a platinum queen!
  8. I think what he's trying to ask is... A 20 year old career having 9 studio albuns... Is this a good amount of albuns?! DOes this mean success? Does this mean she is flopping and that's why there aren't more? I think that's what he means... And my personal opinion is that it's a good amount of albuns, even though I think it could have been more if she didn't have the breakdown... I think she has been taking longer and longer to release albusn and that's really not the best sign.... But at least we got amazing quality in her music in glory, so.....
  9. Britney was nominated for Best Tour Of 2018 with Piece Of Me! Let's vote! VOTE: https://pca.eonline.com/?cmpid=content&source=eonline#vote/cat35 Note: to vote you need to log into an email and there is a limit of 25 votes per day and email. Voting until fingers fall... lol
  10. She removed the 2 songs cause she probably will add "I Feel So Free With You"... She's making room for it...
  11. The last perfume she actually did promo was Private Show, so yeah, it's been a while... Her team realeases extra stuff just to keep it out there... She probably meant that she didn't get involved in a fragrance for a while in the sentence of making comercials and advertising and interviews for it and stuff... Enoughtwith the hate and too much thinking...
  12. Pitbull won't be performing before the concert in Denmark on August 8th.... It's on his official website
  13. PCA: https://eonli.ne/2NZuPD3 Billboard: https://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket
  14. WTF??? DId any comercial for the perfume aired on the show?! Cause I didn't hear Nancy make any "announcement" neither there was a full version of a comercial... So WHAT WAS THIS FOR?!?!?!?! WHAT THE HELL BRITNEY?! IS THIS A GAME? lol
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