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  1. pinklilbabytee


    Normie get outta here JK
  2. pinklilbabytee

    other Other artists Britney Jean?

    Janet's would be Discipline (although I like a lot of it) the funky bathroom smell interlude coulda been cut though...
  3. pinklilbabytee

    video This Slave Breakdown Is EVERYTHING

    If you can't touch the floor without bending your knees this breakdown aint for you..
  4. pinklilbabytee


    Lol, you guys act like full breasts can't exist naturally. She's a woman y'all!
  5. pinklilbabytee

    socialney What could she do to look her age?

    I'm learning so much from you all I have a pretty good skincare routine but can always improve. That 80% of skin damage done by the time you're 18 statistic has freaked me out... Although if sun exposure was such a high determining factor you'd think people in the UK would look 10 years younger than people in e.g. hot parts of America/Europe, seeing as we get about 4 weeks of sunny weather per year, but there is no discernable difference. Britney looks great to me 99% of the time in terms of age. Just the surgeries and the styling aren't for me.
  6. Oh my god and I was so proud of her for getting it right. Why doesn't she ask before she goes on stage? Maybe she does know but then goes blank from nerves? Actually looking at the video again it's possible she was asking something else............ yeah i know issa reach
  7. I was there last night. Like an idiot I thought Britney came on at 8:30 so I planned to get the last train home at 10:30. She came on about 5 or 10 past 9 so I missed half the show. Had to leave during Scream & Shout The doorman thought I left because she was miming lol. Still, I had a really good night. Didn't pay too much for my ticket, luckily. Pitbull was awesome! His songs have all been huge here so they all went down well. He's a very good showman, perfect way to get people hyped. The venue was boiling and the queues for water were insane. There was a lot of competition over the few bottles of water being sold by vendors walking up and down the ailes too. Not ideal. Britney was as expected. It was a thrill to see her in real life, the crowed ADORED her, but with the canned singing I can't say it felt much different to watching to performances on Youtube. Maybe because of the heat and waiting around for 3 hours for the show to start I wasn't as hyped as I would be normally. BUT the show does look better in terms of production and energy than on Youtube. Britney kept pulling up her knee sock things at the beginning which I'm not gonna lie, looked really funny and unprofessional + the constant ponytail tugging. But her dancing and general showmanship looked better than in videos as others have said. Not much connection in her face but lots of energy otherwise. I'm so glad I got to stay long enough to see Clumsy and Change Your Mind. The choreo looked awesome and, unlike BOMT and Oops, I wasn't distracted by my own feeling that Britney is probably sick of these songs. From where I was standing it felt like crickets in the crowd during the Glory songs though. People sat down, went to get drinks, clearly didn't know them. I got my life dancing and singing lol. Over all, for a Britney fan, it's worth it, but watch out for dehydration and get a hotel if you're travelling!!