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  1. or the album the artist didnt sing on?
  2. the best tool to kill anything or anyone is to completely ignore them.
  3. So what are some crazy rumors from 2007? I was seeing in a different tread that there were rumors that she was walking around naked in stores and that her dogs peed on dresses and that she was banned from the four seasons... i also heard that she has a *** tape? i didn’t know any of these things; what else is there?
  4. true, but for some reason i feel like paris has said that they dont keep in touch. - i dont know i guess im just mad iconic things like this happen and we didnt know about it. like ive always rooted for britney and paris to be bffs
  5. damn im a total flop. i cant identify more than half of the songs. also like a 4th of the songs ive never listened to.
  6. i want to be sure that paris would never lie about this; but also how strange is it that she's seen britney and no paps took photos? a picture of paris + britney in 2020 would break the internet. also, love paris. she always has the nicest things to say about britney and when she says them she sounds 100% genuine and cant help but smile.
  7. i love everything about that song. the video. the lyrics, the melody. its a total masterpiece.
  8. i see people mentioning britney hated the song..? is this true? i dont remember this. did she actually say that?
  9. i wanted to vote for 4 but i mistakenly thought crown 4 was crown 5...
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