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  1. 'The silly pattern that I followed I saw my mama being swallowed By the one, who she loved He pulled her down, couldn't see up above Manipulation was his key He screwed it in, 'cause she was naive We're not perfect, we must say But, now I've got to run away' Huh she's been exposing him for a long time now That's all, I just noticed the lyrics and wanted to point them out
  2. If they take down exhale Jordan better take revenge leaking everything he has
  3. EVERY popstar after her. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM
  4. The scream I let out at that title Doing God's work I see, we're proud of you
  5. I see a lot of rats disrespecting the motherf**king princess Stay pressed
  6. The fact that she's known as the Princess of Pop and was considered to be up there with Michael and Madonna was enough for me to try to give her a shot. And well, here I am, two years later, till the day I die
  7. 26M views 23M views Pretty good reaction overall, except for the average 'LiPsYnC' comment
  8. I really enjoy Belinda Jingles too I play it full more than Femme Fatale, that's for sure Brightest Morning Star, Perfume and Don't Cry are amazing and won't accept any slander for them
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