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  1. I'm not going to lie, it hurt a little to read certain Britney songs/albums being quoted as least faves on your lists.
  2. Actually S&S was HUGE in Italy, both on the radio and in clubs. Maybe even bigger than Toxic. I was so proud, although the song is what it is lol.
  3. We're old Tbh I think this is the least we hear of female popstars since before Britney appeared on the scene. With a couple of exceptions.
  4. I think all her 90s hits are with Kelly and the other one In that Fate's Kid group or something
  5. Haha it came to my mind randomly. It was years ago and there was also a Roar / Super Mario theme remix in the same playlist. You always do great remixes!
  6. Great remix Nick! I am a long time listener of yours actually. One of my favorite remixes was Say it Right by Nelly Furtado, years ago it was on your Soundcloud profile I think, but now I can't find it anymore. Is it still online somewhere?
  7. Tbh, I don't think Britney needs more achievements to validate her legend status; however I do care about MR charting on BB if that's what we need to convince her and her team to start recording new material. I want her to get to work, *****
  8. So ok what's going on here really. Is there a very rich fan who's buying tons of Mood Rings? Where are you daddy? PM me
  9. Ugh in one of his posts he does say "your my n 1" or something to some girl... I'm so jealous EDIT: OMG you're right she is another PoM dancer, alright. Cupidney
  10. Hey guys, I don't know why my phone does not let me upload pictures, but I'm talking about one of the 2 male dancers that did Touch of my hand with Britney at the BBMAs 2016. Of the 2, the one I'm saying is not the one that helped her with the backflip. I really liked this dancer in PoM. Do we know what's his name? Is he on social medias? And has he done something else after PoM? Lol I'm so bad at stalkering people (and uploading pictures apparently), I need help from the Britney Army Bureau of Investigation. Thanks!
  11. You can't just believe anything anyone says about Britney and her family, cmon. We should listen to Jamie's version of the story first, at least.
  12. So a few days ago I watched Bohemian Rhapsody and I got mad because we only have that Britney Ever After parody. This made me think. So clearly the problem with a good and faithful Britney biography would be that it would cover bits of her life she's not proud of or willing to share, including some borderline illegal/irresponsible behaviors that may be seen in a bad light (I don't see them in such a bad light but I know that some of you do, so I guess other people in the world would as well). However, I do believe that we could get a good Britney biography, if it wasn't for her team. I think that Britney would have been proud or at least wouldn't have cared about specific "lows" in her career if her team did not make her ashamed of those. I also know that Britney is mostly a private person, but I don't think that is the biggest obstacle. If only her team would let her EMBRACE her lows, instead of teaching her to pretend that they never happened. For example, I have always hoped for a VMA 2007 themed "redemption" performance, but no, that's a taboo because at the time it was a failure. Like, it's completely cancelled, although it's probably the last truly iconic Britney performance. The same goes for other stuff in her private life. A good movie with a positive message and the right vagueness in the details, like Bohemian Rhapsody, would fix the problem of displaying Britney's flaws to the general public, while still publicizing her iconic life and kind soul. I would love to see that movie. What do you think?
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