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    exhale Why she needs to be single again!

    Y’all are disgusting. You literally wish her to go through another heartbreak. She genuinely seems happy with Sam, and yet, you wish her nothing but bad. Yes, she was better in 2015-2016, but there’s no need for wishing her these things (and some of you even wish her death and things like that). I swear to God, this is the most toxic fanbase ever. Take a look at Fighters, their fave has been flopping for years, yet they are still loyal and they don’t criticise Xtina for anything. Little Monsters are freaked out cause Gaga posted three f**king photos from a photoshoot, yet when Britney posted teasers for My Prerogative y’all bashed her for: the name of the perfume, for it being unisex, for the bottle, etc. If you are that tired of Britney than go and stan someone else. This freaking Britney forum turned into the darkest place in the internet
  2. #Iswamwithherhusband

    music Ariana Grande 'Sweetener' Party: Stream And Comment

    Actually legends, like Janet, Cher etc, had to comeback from retirement to save pop music Janet’s new song is kinda generic, but I’ve been listening to it for 3 hours and I freakin love it. Cher did a cover of an ABBA song, and it’s one of the best pop songs released this year. Please legend save pop music