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  1. WhatYouNeed

    tour what a moment, i will never forget

    it worked literally a legend, wow. we're not worthy even better everybody thought she was gone excuse me, this is a no negativity thread she was killing it lbr
  2. Britney: Live in Concert (2017)
  3. WhatYouNeed

    exhale When was the last time you listened to "Rebellion"?

    i don't play with demons
  4. yet i know that tomorrow comes so i'll be here when you rise a no no remix ft cardi b coming
  5. but don't make us wait before too long we might just fade away
  6. WhatYouNeed

    tour she made a few points

    that's why she is taking a year of lbr. Just like people forgot about the fft when pom began, they will forget pom tour when domination begins in 2020. A business woman!
  7. isn't he a producer? how is this going to work?
  8. WhatYouNeed

    tour she made a few points

    gp already forgot about that it if by the time she tours again [if she does] her reputation is good, people will attend. That's why the oxyx hotel tour tanked, 54 shows grossed 34,5 million
  9. WhatYouNeed

    tour she made a few points

    She was bloated in the last dates of the tour though This happened after the femme fatale tour so i doubt it here's the tea
  10. WhatYouNeed

    music Vibing to pretty girls

    i'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully you can recover from it very soon <3
  11. WhatYouNeed

    tour she made a few points

    31 shows by the way
  12. WhatYouNeed

    exhale Your favorite pictures from 2006-2007

    november 2006, i'm shaking you guys
  13. She got a little body that i can't forget I ain't met a young lady that outdid her yet Knee and the ying yang twins huh, we done became friends