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  1. WhatYouNeed

    music She was adorable...

    so gorgeous
  2. good outfit and weave, no shaky hand, in sync with back dancers wb choreography in the music video is mostly good editing and live she's always doing her own choreography when you compare her with her dancers. what's the truth? Slumber party made a few points but she's so messy on stage. i'm talking about official choreographies not shows re-do so POM doesn't count. respect to zombie knee Ofc it's not the best thing in the world but i can watch a performance and enjoy it. It's fun, easy moves for her, no weird sh!t
  3. WhatYouNeed

    exhale WE NEED BRITMAS!!!

    what yall really need is FULL TIME jobs and might do extra shifts too
  4. WhatYouNeed

    socialney Drunk girl in POM video

    the dunk girl? thats knee
  5. WhatYouNeed

    other remember the ''i love charlie'' vest

    I really wish i can forget about it Is that who replaced knee on the x factor
  6. A nightmare literally a nightmare she literally got it after 2 minutes of dating