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  1. Hahahaha i'm actually not a huge fan of the ballad part of God Control, it sounds like she's singing with her grills on or something. it's a great song and video tho.
  2. to all the Madonna stans who constantly complain about wanting another Confessions, there's this really cool artist called Kylie Minogue that I recommend you listen to, I don't know if you've heard of her. she's releasing an album called DISCO, listen to the new single now! her music seems to be exactly what you're wanting from Madonna, so you can just listen to her instead while Madonna continues to push the envelope and make political and experimental music! Problem solved!
  3. Her newest album Madame X had one of the most cohesive and creative concepts of her career tho. and as for following trends, the singles she released from that album were some of the least radio friendly / least commercial of her career, Medellin, Batuka, God Control, Dark Ballet... etc. I'm glad she continues to push the envelope creatively. If she were to release another Confessions that would be following trends considering the disco revival we're going through.
  4. I'm superrrrr excited for this album, I really hope it has kind of a dark, bluesy country feeling. He's talked about making this type of music before. He had a little bit of this sound on his album The Pale Emperor, and it was amazing, one of his best albums. I'd really like to see him go all the way with that sound. Did he confirm it's just a single dropping tomorrow and not the whole album? I hope it's the whole album but that's probably unrealistic.
  5. a lot of people think his vocals are on her track Fill The Crown! i'm not sure myself, the lower parts of the vocals sound identical to him but the higher parts sound like it could maybe be an impersonation. it's not implausible that he would be on the song as they're friends
  6. i feel like that vid is kinda a stretch, madonna makes weird faces all the time and she just looked kinda uncomfortable in her outfit, doesn't mean she's being shady
  7. I think I would actually prefer to date someone who didn't listen to the same music as me, because then if we break up and i'm sad, who would I have to listen to? I wouldn't want my favorite music attached to painful memories.
  8. even if i agree with them I still think it's pretty rude of a public figure to just insult her work like that although it lowkey is pretty funny, it's like a non-sequitur, a random band really just randomly decided to attack her out of no where
  9. It's pretty crazy how critics flipped on pop stars / pop music in the way they did. before around 2016 female pop albums would always get metacritic ratings in the 60s, and now it's super common to see them in the 80s and even the 90s. maybe it's because pop is gaining more respect, or that critics are no longer only straight white men, but it's pretty clear a change has happened
  10. I'm usually not a fan of Bad Bunny at all but I actually didn't mind him on this song overall i'm pleasantly surprised, on first listen i like this song
  11. the song is pretty meh in my opinion, maybe it's a grower, but definitely not lead single material. i'm actually trying to remember the last time a pop star released a good lead single
  12. I mean yeah but there's a difference between posting a video of someone's words about Black Lives Matter, and marrying them/collabing with them. it's possible she just didn't know he's problematic, i've never heard of him myself. I do think she should definitely research the people she posts tho.
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