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  1. omg the guy who played the Principal is coming to her defense https://people.com/tv/glee-iqbal-theba-defends-lea-michele-against-racist-accusations-i-was-never-mistreated-by-her/?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag&__twitter_impression=true https://twitter.com/iqbaltheba/status/1268337212862521344?s=20 https://twitter.com/iqbaltheba/status/1268338941708525568?s=20 (also does anyone know why tweets aren't embedding anymore)
  2. PRISM is her most basic, by the numbers pop album and her worst in my opinion so I'm disappointed if this ends up being true it sounds like it might be tho cause although Daisies is alright it just sounds like some generic P!nk empowerment anthem
  3. Heather Morris got involved, says Lea was unpleasant to work with but doesn't think she's a racist and is getting a bit of backlash for it
  4. lol during all the racial sh-t that's going on rn in this country and world she's the last person we should be wanting to hear about
  5. Honestly I think Future Nostalgia is pretty overrated, i like songs like Cool, Don't Start Now, Break My Heart and Hallucinate but idk it's hard to explain, the production just feels "dry" if that makes sense. I loveee 80s music and the lush production it has but this album seems to be lacking that with the exception of "Cool". It feels like of like Bruno Mars' generic 80s rehash music. maybe i just don't like the funk and disco influences. Also, Good and Bed and Boys Will Be Boys should have been left off the album; they're terrible. I only listened to Chromatica once and it was kind of an enjoyable listen so I guess it wins.
  6. yep, and when people talk about her blackfishing, they're not just talking about her skin tone, she has definitely altered her features (like her lips) and uses makeup to look racially ambiguous just like Kylie Jenner
  7. I mean I'm a Madonna fan and I don't really care for Gaga either but you don't have to make stuff up to prove your points there's plenty that's happened in real life if you wanted to go there can the admins start forcing you to provide a source for your claims cause i think we're all getting tired of this
  8. This is why we stan Wendy Williams she acts the same on and off camera, and even if you don't like her, at least she's being genuine
  9. I follow her but never saw her post this and can't find anyone else on twitter backing up this up @Spicechinodiva no disrespect but you're constantly posting false "news" with no evidence it feels like you just like to make things up to incite drama
  10. this whole thread is reminding me of this moment it's like she does seem like a nice person deep down but i just feel like so much is calculated and fake and overly dramatic to me she reminds me of a theater kid from high school except she never grew out of that phase i also agree w what was said earlier that she acts like her life is this giant tragedy and her becoming a pop star is her salvation or something like you grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan as a wealthy white woman and went to NYU she plays the victim constantly, i just can't stand celebrities who do that she's an amazing talent tho
  11. this whole post is sending me when you talk about the face she makes on the red carpet i'm pissing i had never thought about that before but it's so accurate
  12. i don't think she deserved to be dragged or anything but it is kind of like a "read the room..." situation like it was weird seeing everyone mourning on twitter and then her tweet where she's dancing and smiling pops up i can understand why it's upsetting to some people i think in general people are getting tired of celebrities right now, it's a sensitive time
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