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  1. Complication

    tour Are fans allowed keep the work bitch hat on the tour?

    Michael Jackson used to throw his Billie Jean hat into the crowd. Why does her team have to be so cheap?
  2. Complication

    video This Slave Breakdown Is EVERYTHING

    I don't understand how he is a thing and why people want to watch him, he's always been sh!t.
  3. Complication


    It's definitely her all-around perfect track. Even her worst performances of it are iconic ("My pu$$y is hanging out").
  4. Complication

    rumor She should get cheek fillers

    The show has been going for like century though so it's not like the tour is something new and interesting for us
  5. Complication

    other It's time we face the facts...

    tbh I wish she performed that during her shows instead of it being an interlude. It actually GOES OFF live.
  6. I can't with all the No Sleeep hate I'm always seeing. That song is flawless and gives me serous Velvet Rope vibes which is her best album to date lbr. Tonight Show performance was good but even with the extra dance break, I still expect more from her.
  7. Complication

    exhale You know the fandom is really dying..

    Mental disorders don't just disappear because you can afford expensive doctors.
  8. Complication

    music Vocals!!!

    and her live vocals back then
  9. It's giving me major When I Think Of You / Escapade vibes
  10. Good to have new Janet music but it's a bit average tbh and it's a shame she's not dancing more in the video. Hopefully it'll do well tho. She deserve a big hit.
  11. Complication

    music Do you remember this iconic mashup

    How have I not seen this before
  12. Complication

    other Honestly why wasn’t this the Glory album cover

    I actually don't think it's simply a screenshot, it looks too posed.
  13. Complication

    exhale Does anybody have Proof of Myah Being used on Bj

    Most of that is backing vocals so really not a big deal. And for tracks like WB, I can hear Britney mixed in there too. Really, I don't think there was meant to be any huge cover up with having Myah do vocals instead of Britney. The mixing is simply awful and they put Myah way too high that she's sharing lead with Britney.