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  1. And the other difference is that the Kardashian family including Kim were more supportive of Kanye and were kinder to him.
  2. If she were italian her name would be Anna Maria Lastrassi,If you are going to lie, look at the details
  3. because'' la plata atrae la plata'' in spanish means ''money attracts money''.
  4. Peter Hernandez known professionally as Bruno Mars, the adoption of his stage name was also an effort to "avoid being stereotyped", as the music industry tried to pigeonhole him as another Latin artist. He said that the only songs that where send to him by the record company when he was ''Pete Hernandez''weren't the kind of music he wanted to sing.
  5. i think is a hard to pronounce surname for one whose native language is english,i don't see anything wrong with the name change.I mean if my mother tongue were English, `` Charlie Sheen '' would be easier to pronounce than `` Carlos Estevez ''.
  6. queen of effortlessly exude the ''x factor''
  7. the interview was on E entertainment [latinamerica] with the venezuelan tv host Patricia Zavala. The tv show was called ''Coffee break''.im triying to find the interview
  8. Rihanna was asked in an interview if she would go to latinamerica ,and she made a disdainful gesture.The Venezuelan interviewer said ''but Rihanna venezuela is one hour distance from Barbados'.So JBalvin knows that she doesnt like latinamericans.
  9. i don't like timberlake,he uses people to advance his career,and then forgets about them. for example; 1.he needed a career, after the nync breakup=Britney 2.he needed an acting carrer=Cameron Diaz friends in Hollywood 3.He wants to be an icon=Madonna may help by association 4.he wants a memorable show at superbowl=Janet Jackson ETC.
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