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  1. Look at their post history, they aren’t here as an actual fan but to sore Trump agenda .. their username is the funniest part. They joined in June 2020 and claimed breathe heavy was a site based on lady Gaga. Grassroots effort by Trump campaign . Trust me . Don’t even argue with them.
  2. I love the grassroots effort the Trump campaign is taking by having people infiltrate was pop forums to spew their agenda. They really must be strapped for cash ... I guess the previous campaign advisor currently on watch really did spend too much money ... 50 bucks PRfinest is gone by November
  3. I’ll never understand why they just didn’t let her sing her songs live in her normal tone like the mall tour . Like okay the record can be one way but live just let her sing normal
  4. Since Born this way ?! This is a Britney forum primarily and definitely was only a Britney forum back during born this way. Lol! Aww you tried.
  5. In the words of the woman who won the popular vote “Delete your account” see you in November ... $50 bucks you disappear when Trump loses. Hope they’re paying you decent coin.
  6. PS I once did a grassroots marketing campaign for a music label and they made us create accounts on forums to promote acts. Pretty sure Puerto Rico finest who joined in June has some agenda ... if you look at their post history @Jordan Miller. Freedom of speech I guess
  7. Omg so a troll. I love it. Continue .... I never trust a narcissist but they love me ;)
  8. Bro you’re in the wrong place! No one listens to this crap .. especially when you just utter Trump quotes. You talk as if everyone agrees with you, you’re on a Britney pop forum ... know your audience. I think you meant to find a Kentwood appreciation forum.
  9. He wants to take more credit for whatever she does. Back off ! She doesn’t need him to fight her battle
  10. What’s strange is given the level of corruption that they don’t just negotiate directly with Britney outside of courts. Like it is her father ... who I’m sure has been played by this whole thing as well but come on ... like can’t they reach some sort of agreement , I’m sure it’s safer for tri star and Jamie.
  11. Somehow I feel Jamie is being threatened. It’s sad I feel this will end with someone’s death :/ it has so many layers .
  12. Not an excuse but the USA was homophobic in the 80s / 90s ... remember don Philip tried to throw Britney under the bus too
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