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  1. I'll only be watching for BTS! btw I loooove your av! My bias <3
  2. No they weren't, during their time. They were awesome and were everywhere. I have a handful of songs I love by them.
  3. Because many can relate to what she sings about. Love, broken heart etc etc. Very relatable. and only a few? You are missing out!
  4. Same can be said about our Britney, not the best singer etc etc but we love her as she is and place her above many other singers, same goes for Swifty and her fans. I do get it. I understand the hype around her. I didn't appreciate Taylor till Red came out. She works hard, creates a lot of her music herself, her stage presence has gotten better, she used to look so damn awkward but now you can see the confidence. Sure her dancing isn't great but she makes up for it in many other ways. Most importantly... I love how she adores her fans, she gives them so much I envy them. Though I do kinda consider myself a fan of hers but I don't follow her every move like I used to with Britney. I appreciate her and love manyyy of her songs. Folklore isn't my cup of tea, I like a handful of them but that's ok! I'll wait for the next album. :)) The woman works hard for everything she's gotten, major kudos to her from me. I want a country album sooo badly!
  5. The last album I truly enjoyed was Circus. The last album I bought was FF.. I didn't buy Glory or BJ. So yes she needs to go back.... way back.
  6. Why do their songs sound *mostly* the same?
  7. I can't stand him. I didn't like him in Nsync, I didn't pay attention to him on the MMC. It's his arrogance that I can't stand the most. What he did to Britney was just icing on the can't-stand-him cake. I didn't see the appeal over him and never will. I do like a few songs of his but that's it. His personality is a major turn off.
  8. That's a reason for me not to watch it, too bad I loved the first one so much. She'd ruin it. I can't stand her.
  9. Seriously? It was horrible and I remember being so excited that night till she came out, you could tell how lost and messed up she was. It has nothing to do with what she looked like on the outside but you could tell something was super off inside of her. Nothing good about this performance. I still can't watch it to this day, that one time was enough. Just seeing photos makes me incredibly sad.
  10. I can't stand her ever since watching her on xfactor. Her horrible comments only added to my dislike.
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