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    other New unedited pic by Randee st lightninglas

    THIS. I still can see the curved background in the "unedited" version Mommy Randy is out of control!
  2. Is this the Daddy Spears diss track? "I feel so free with you cause I'm really not at home with the conservatorship"
  3. Her team choice the worst collabs. Iggy G-Eazy Tinashe (I love her but gurl, that was unnecessary) Pitbull who hasn't a hit since 2013 Can't wait for Britney X Cardi B in 2026 when she stops having #1's
  4. Goku

    music I miss the unreleased track leak days

    Myah destroyed every hard disk
  5. How dare you despise the iconic BOop La La in this celebrating thread? OLL outsold outvideo outviews outvocals outlegend outperform outskynned
  6. I don't get the hate, she's talented and interesting. I smell a new main pop girl
  7. I keep asking who mentions her name as an inspiration but nobody gives me the receipts. And even if they did, it was only the old performer / primeney.
  8. Goku

    other She looked stunning here

    look at how the old cheeks expression line goes under her chin, it's was all connected with her neck tendons (now gone)
  9. She recorded 2 songs with Pitbull (scrapped both) this means we're in that period of time where she releases random singles months before a new album. I can't imagine new music anytime soon.
  10. Goku

    other She looked stunning here

    cause her eyebrows are changed, she used to have droopy eyes.
  11. Goku

    other She looked stunning here

    yeah, the real change started in 2014-2015! the goal of this procedure (not Lip Fit!) is to change the width of the smile/cheeks only to stop the decay of the fat on the jawline it's complicated to explain this sh!t.. she changed the mouth area for the jaw-line / double chin. Same for Xtina, same for Gaga.
  12. Goku

    other She looked stunning here

    I said "Most" of her career Just compare Oopsney to 2001ney, completely different lips 2006ney snapped
  13. Goku

    other She looked stunning here

    she had lip injections for most of her career, but in 2013 she started a different procedure to change the cheeks/chin area.
  14. Well, she didn't lie here. You need to move on, people can change.
  15. I'm not going to giving her more views
  16. Did he lie? the karaoke with Britney was awful. I don't like this pig but let's be real, exhale hated that sh!t. It feels like yesterday.
  17. The difference with Janet or even Madonna is that they're opened to promote the sh!t of the songs with tours, performances, and live events. Janet just did so much promo for only one song and it's more than Britney has done in 10 years and the media loved her comeback. With Britney, it's the total opposite because even if she's gonna promote the songs, the bad press would destroy her (lipsync, bad costumes, lack of passion). As a producer (not as a fan) which one you choose?
  18. Something feels off nowadays, I can't see a new album anytime soon IDK I have a really bad feeling maybe it's just my depression oh well