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  1. I think Britney never had issues with sexual predators men, at all. Her team is always there to protect her.
  2. Goku

    other Did she do her makeup herself in 2007?

    panda eyes and eyelashes are 2 completely different things. are you 12 or something?
  3. Goku

    other Did she do her makeup herself in 2007?

    That's the f**king point but I can't see them in this pic.
  4. Goku

    exhale Heard Slumber Party at Work Today

    Your threads lately
  5. I won't let my black eyes spill tonight Just cancel domination and album A portrait of my life
  6. They can scrap us now We in hiatus now (ooh) f**k britards comments (their comments) They be so delusional (they be so delusional) We are lipsync in public You like it, I hate it You with it, I'm paying We going the abomination
  7. After everything I already been through I can't waste no time, pretending to perform 4 you
  8. Where do I go from here? How do I disappear? Here beyond the looking glass Somewhere off the beaten path Heartache never seems to pass, just lasts And I'd go
  9. Goku

    exhale 7 Rings - Ariana Grande (Song + MV)

    We want quality, not numbers. Stop with this toxic mentality.
  10. Goku

    other Did she do her makeup herself in 2007?

    Why should I? She's not wearing Eyelashes there. Are you dumb? I posted that pic of 2018 cause she had eyelashes, not for any other reasons.
  11. Work Bitch - EP 01 Work Bitch 02 Perfume 03 It Should Be Easy (At least this song sounds finished) 04 Don't Cry 05 Hold On Tight
  12. Goku

    tour she made a few points

    This episode had only some weeks of production and this is just an unfinished key animation. Learn the difference between bad animation and bad art sis.
  13. Goku

    other Did she do her makeup herself in 2007?

    She started using heavy makeup when her face changed between 2010 / 2011. This is one of her last photoshoots with the primeney face and classic soft makeup I think. (2010, Cosmo) And then, she discovered Eyelashes between 2012 / 2013 and never stopped to use them until today. That's her real hair.
  14. Goku

    tour she made a few points

    Bitch, what part of the movie exactly? I hope you're not dragging my fave animator Naoki Tate, he handled the Goku Blue / Fusion Dance sections.
  15. Goku

    news She just uploaded a countdown for DOM

    Let me guess: Scrapped?