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  1. Goku

    socialney Britney's face in SP

    "bad lighting" the delusion jumped out! Tinashe looks exactly the same in both pictures.
  2. I cannot believe her team is not supporting this hit with an official video. They're the worst. I swear that song can increase her streaming numbers on Spotify. f**k.
  3. Glory was full of basic bops but let's not pretend she delivered a great personal album. She's miles away from masterpieces like Emancipation or even Caution. Mariah produces, write and sings her sh!t, she's doing so much promo and looking stellar. It's what the gays deserve.
  4. I'm getting tired of the "Britney needs _____ " threads.
  5. Goku

    music i'm just realising

    Fixed. Even if you don't like PS, nobody can't deny how fun and experimental it is. Glory needed something like that and you can hear she's clearly having fun.
  6. Madonna sings more than Britney on the song. Self-drag song.
  7. Easy when the collabs are with irrelevant rats.
  8. Goku

    news OH MY f**king GOD ITS HERE.

    Thank U, Next. Taste. Stream Caution instead. Army supports queen Mimi!
  9. Is basically the little childish sister of All I Want For Christmas Is You. MEGA BOP
  10. Domination sounds even better. You should worry about the music instead. I highly doubt she's gonna release a better album than Caution.
  11. God her team can make me hate everything. Just release the full thing. Also, the horrible outfit and the pointless edit on her body (look at the star in the background)
  12. After seeing what happened to Demi, Selena and Mac Miller in the last months now I'm really worried. The industry is really fucked up.
  13. Goku

    socialney Was Chaotic the Beginning of the End?

    I said the beginning for a reason. The end of Primeney if you want but we can't deny how her career really never recovered since 2004. Yes, she had hits and sales, but what else?
  14. Goku

    socialney Was Chaotic the Beginning of the End?

    That was the beginning of the end of her career. Her personal life was already a mess.