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  1. I'm thinking of adding this to the Blackout tracklist before Gimme More...
  2. Goku

    exhale VMA Trouble Mix [Leak]

    You can download the song if you go here and select the options https://britneyspearsunreleased.tumblr.com/post/184433455339/full-vma-trouble-mix-as-far-as-i-am-aware-this
  3. We don't know for sure, usually, they share the new one every Thursday around this time (now)
  4. They're trying to go back to the first version of the story
  5. Goku

    other Is anyone here for a new Britney and Nicki collab?

    No. She's problematic. Snapped sis
  6. Wow, this is the energy we need, direct and clean. Love It.
  7. I expect new anonymous audio messages. Allegedly, the new podcast will come out in less than 30-40 minutes.
  8. Reach or not, sad how she keeps using those dresses at home instead of going to real parties or fashion shows.
  9. We need emailmypussy and popular Twitter users for that.
  10. They usually post a new episode every Thursday around 9:30 AM. What time is it where they live?
  11. Can't see the site. We need to expose their names, shocking how the name of Lou is everywhere on Britney's Instagram. Things started to change for real.
  12. If she's not a shady one, maybe we won #BrendaSaveUs