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  1. I met her in 2017. My story is on here from my M&G. This was in the height of her wearing the dark eyeliner, which I later found out was eye shadow. She was gorgeous in real life, like a doll. Absolutely breathtaking. I can't tell you how intimidating it is to be looking someone like Britney Spears in the eyes while telling a story of what an impact she has on your life. No amount of public speaking classes could've prepared me for that moment. I stood way back so I wasn't pushed around by her team to hurry and take a picture. Britney was lovely but her whole entourage is very pushy and tries to rush you. Britney laughed and was present. She also told me she liked my shirt and wore a similar shirt at her next M&G. For the picture, SHE pulled ME in close...I went in so hesitant. I didn't want to scare her or make her nervous so I was going to give her space but she took the initiative. I mean, we were **** to ****. My picture turned out wonderful. She's got the old Britney smile and looks genuinely happy.
  2. I am participating in the gram girls 7 days/7 actions. Today you're supposed to email CA attorney general Xavier Becerra: [email protected] I am not the best at writing emails and want to seem articulate and get my point across. Can anyone help me with what to say, or is there a specific email floating around that everyone is sending? I appreciate your help.
  3. I met her in 2017 and it was "meh". I was not majorly disappointed. It was as advertised (I read a lot about other people's experiences on here before I had mine). I actually had one of the better meet & greets and pictures. I cried when I saw the pic because I expected it to be really bad and it was actually quite good. She obviously doesn't like doing the meet & greets and her team and body guards are really annoying rush you through everything. I still love Britney, the M&G didn't ruin it for me. I would've spent the rest of my life wondering "what if..." so I am glad I did it, but I probably wouldn't do it again.
  4. After learning the slave 4 u choreo from Brian Friedman it got me really interested in her back up dancers. I’m watching Stages now... I know it probably is a lot different actually experiencing it but it actually looks like she had a relatively fun time. She seemed to legitimately be friends with her dancers and would go out with them, etc. Are even her old dancers still held to NDAs? I am not wanting like anyone crazy information but I’d just really like to hear some stories from her dancers who spent so much time with her. Just a funny goofy story of a night out or something. It is also crazy to see how different she is in this (yes I know she’s much younger) but she really was just like someone I would be friends with. Now she doesn’t really seem relatable at all. regardless I love her with all my heart
  5. Oh yes, I'm in. When are we doing it? Friday or Saturday night would be fun
  6. Hi!! I am making a youtube playlist of some of Britney's unreleased or bonus tracks that I'm not so familiar with to listen to on my commute to work (I'm an essential healthcare worker). Here's what I have so far: And Then We Kiss, Mood Ring, State of Grace, Don't Hang Up, Strangest Love, Trouble, Amnesia, Ouch, Let Go, Over To You Now, Dramatic What're some of your faves?
  7. I hope you aren't suggesting healthcare isn't as good in Louisiana. For all you know, many doctors, nurses, etc who work in Los Angeles may have been educated in Louisiana. I live in Nebraska and we have some of the best hospitals, cancer centers and biocontainment units in the nation. Just because it's located in Los Angeles doesn't mean that it's better. I work in the healthcare staffing industry and I can tell you they are re-opening St Vincents Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles which closed in 2018 due to bankruptcy. They are using it as a central command center for COVID-19. They reached out to my agency for temp employees for the entire hospital. They are even waiving the state license and are hiring people without interviews. I'd actually much rather be in Louisiana. Off my soapbox now...
  8. The most sickening quote from that article: Jamie Spears acknowledged that his daughter was confused “sometimes,” but said she is ready to perform onstage.
  9. My boyfriend is an attorney and said this means...when they had the hearing, either both parties agreed or one party requested and the judge agreed to essentially make the hearing and court reporters transcript private. Now Jamie's attorney is saying she wants it public and right away, for some reason...or at least not sealed. The judge may tell the parties they can't leak it. Maybe the attorney wants other people to review the testimony such as an expert witness to give an opinion on something- like whether the conservatorship should be dissolved. But typically, if unsealed the press has access to it. OMG
  10. I watched the 3 hour documentary, Miss American Dream, last night. She definitely used to be sharper and have a better memory. It's almost like it is 2 different people. I went through BritneyHistory ig last night and it took a lot of scrolling to find her first smiling pic after being released from the 5150. :(
  11. Okay, so I stayed at the Mondrian in West Hollywood over Valentines Day. I know Britney spent a lot of time there between the years 2007-2009. The leg shaving at the pool and the bikini pic with those girls happened there, For the Record was filmed there, there's a lot of stuff online about her staying there. When I stayed there it wasn't 5 star by any means (its been like 10 years since she's been there though)...I just don't understand why she is staying in a hotel in Hollywood when her home isn't that far. Do you guys know something I don't know? I've even seen pics of her on the balcony there with her kids. Sorry if I am a flop fan.
  12. Ugh... I hate when Wendy gets details wrong in a story. Huge difference between $5000 and 5000 followers. She clearly only knows a portion of the story the way that she says Jamie has done nothing but good things for Brit
  13. This is definitely not fake. He did show his full face a few times and he answered several of my questions.
  14. I just got very emotional... Jayden you are very brave. I think you love your mother very much and you are trying to help her. I can imagine things went sour between him and Jamie when he spoke his mind. Jayden, don't stop speaking your mind and sharing your opinions. Be fearless and courageous in speaking your truth. We are listening. I am devastated he potentially got in trouble for this, but I believe him 100%. How else can we help, I feel helpless. I feel like I am watching abuse happening right in front of my eyes.
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