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  1. http://blindgossip.com/?p=90231


    The past few years were rough on her as her health problems became more public.Despite that, she is trying to have a normal life. She is in school. She is staying on her meds for the most part. And she has a boyfriend! He’s age-appropriate. Kind of a scruffy type.

    She seemed very lonely at school. She always ate lunch by herself. Now she has some life coach who is with her a lot of the time and she also has [Boyfriend] to hang out with. He has long hair. He looks like Jared Leto.

    Good to hear she’s doing well!

    Rumors are his name is Steve & from Boston

  2. 28 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    Oh really? Could be taking a break for xmas, but that’s quite bad :/ 

    Yeah usually when shows leave they have their reruns play, for example a daily talk show like Jimmy Kimmel has repeats play for the week.

    MTV straight up took TRL off with no new episodes or reruns.

  3. 24 minutes ago, Isla. said:

    Didn’t you post a thread like the week it started saying it would be cancelled? You need to provide sources for your information.

    Although tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if it did get cancelled again.

    MTV listings for December is all Jersey shore for 4pm, no trace of TRL

    1iota the place that gives its tickets has no dates for December at all it suddenly stops.

  4. 7 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Have they considered doing album centric episodes showcasing promo for an artist (Spankin' New Music)? Britney did one for In the Zone where she showed up, co-hosted the show, talked about the album and performed. They could easily do one for say Demi Lovato, or whoever else just released a new album that's popular with the younger generation and has a big social media following.


    They did for Ariana Grande in 2014

  5. 24 minutes ago, BoyToySoldier said:

    Do you work for MTV or Viacom? Could you explain more about why the execs are so daft and stubborn?

    Nobody wants to sit around and watch 25 nobodies host a show where all they do is just make fools of themselves twerking and jumping around Times Square. The whole point of the original show was the music video countdown. The live performances and artist interviews are probably the only redeeming factor this reboot has going for it.

    Also, this is probably the most douchebag tweet I've seen in a while.


    MTV is going out of their way to not show videos,  The other day on TRL they showed a Rita Ora video clip for 11 seconds and then tweeted that tweet.

    The execs are stupid as hell, they have no clue what works, LAUREN WATERs the casting director chose these Youtube Vine people thinking they would translate well as a host.  What a moron. YES youtube videos get views, but that does not mean they should be A Carson Daly or Ryan Seacrest, they both had media training.


    The show is been reduced to 30 min starting next week, if the ratings continue to plummet VIACOM is pulling the plug on TRL and MTV

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  6. I am sure all of you guys have watched the NEW TRL these past couple of days. To be honest everyone at Viacom is in shambles that the show is pulling in record low numbers and are being dragged by every news media possible. The people in power do not want to re-instate the countdown despite fan outrage. The show is not testing well with audiences. Don't blame MTV, blame Lauren Waters (The Woman who casted all of these VINE/Youtube people)  

    MTV blew almost 4 million dollars on this TRL reboot, they threw all of their eggs in 1 basket (with the idea that this was going to work)


    Starting MONDAY, TRL will be reduced from 1 hour to ONLY 30 min


    MTV.com has been updated to reflect this change


    IF this does not work out TRL will be canceled in 3 weeks by Viacom.

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