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  1. This song n video are iconic soooo 2000s and a satire blueprint of it.
  2. As weak as Britney’s addition is to the song. I literally still listen this song till this day. I do think Britney should of waited to do the vocals Bc I think she was sick she said when recording it idk. But the vocals could of been way better and they Deff should of recorded a video big missed opportunity imo.
  3. Obv this is fan casting or fan service for fun but if she did legends only or upcoming iconsss lol so Rihanna or doja I could see working well. Something fun and over the top
  4. This should of been a single Atleast in Europe or something 😩😩😩😩
  5. I can’t with her. Bc she didn’t look bad at alll in the unedited pic which is mind boggling me.. it’s just that ..an unedited pic of her no photoshop but Bc of her brand and that she photoshops all her pics n vids she has a image she feels to upheld which would’nt b the case of sue didn’t edit the helllll out of her pics. like she had nothing to prove but she did Bc her real self looks diff than the curated pics she offers. Sad. Ohwell
  6. Yes n I don’t wanna b that gurl. Bc this is ur site and all but those days not on here could of been a great opportunity to bring conversation to breatheavys ig n create dialogue and just do more with ur social media platform..open up to a new or more audiences. Just a friendly idea. Ok I’ll go now lol 😳🤧🙊
  7. I got cardi b but choose my own destiny so voted for nicki lolololol i think the test is biased/rigged Bc I choose tamalesss
  8. I mean she did have connections Bc her father was on oj case and she was Paris personal assistant b4 she became her own brand etc. but she was no where near as rich as became to me. Her mother reallly milkedddd the shyttt out of Kim to make her the success she is. I wish I had a stage mom 😅🙄
  9. I hope your getting a refund or adjusted bill for them 3 days gorllllll ...
  10. The fact that she has no real talent but made it this far is talent lol. Don’t hate the player hate the game. I can’t be mad at her 👏 go head kimmy cakes
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