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  1. I think Britney's label decided not to work with them because of the RADAR contract. They gave songs to Britney but usually had a contractual agreement that they have to be released as singles.
  2. Whitney was a 3 pack per day smoker and that was the reason why her voice was thinning and losing its texture.
  3. So I open Exhale and I see this huge add promoting the Polish president who is openly a homophobe and fascist. I am hugely dissapointed that he is being promoted here.
  4. She was outed as a smoker in 2000. Heavy smoking to deal with the stress is one of the reasons her voice became shrill so soon.
  5. so is this demo ever going to leak or was it a fake bait?
  6. So it was obvious that Jive was recycling songs etc "You Got It All" and "Where Are You Now" ended up on OIDIA "Shock Your Mind" went from OIDIA to B, but got scrapped "Overprotected" was allegedly demo'ed for OIDIA but scrapped and then picked up for B also, the scrapped duet with Don Philip for his flop album (anyone got a link to that?). And "I Was Born To Love You" with some old male singer. I wonder if the Disney track she did for a compilation will ever leak? Also, she did more scenes for BTMYH video but they were scrapped, she had cornrows or sth on her head? I think they had enough footage to edit the pregnancy out of the video. She's only preggo in 1 scene that lasts like 5 seconds. I doubt Jive would let her do a scandalous video without filming more scenes for a (expected) safety edit.
  7. what I found shocking is that they wanted to make an US video for "Born to make you happy"! Britney will make a remake of her europe video next month and will premiere it on "Making The Video" on Mtv USA
  8. that's the tracklist i saw in 2001. asking for trouble - was it confirmed as an unreleased song? shock your mind - alleged title for the third album seems like they were recycling songs and ideas OOPS was recorded in 1999, didn't she perform it live in 1999 already?
  9. also, the tracks have wrong duration, most CDs like that don't include durations. and a fan would know that GIRL IN THE MIRROR is not 4:20
  10. show us the link because it looks fanmade af the tracklists that leaked in early 2000 used a lot of alternative titles, like "mirror mirror" for "girl in the mirror", and there was a duet with JC Chaserz and the common theme was "sunflower" as a title.
  11. Weren't there some topless pictures taken in water for the debut album cover too?
  12. Not a good idea. There are like 2-3 songs that she wrote the lyrics 100% herself. That's not enough for a master thesis. Unless you're going to discuss lyrics SUNG by her and review their influence and duality of message as applied to her personal life/fame. Otherwise, you can also measure their emotional capacity/subtextual sexuality by analysing the vocabulary as a system of emotions, perhaps, using Linda Hutcheon theory or sth.
  13. The album and its recordings were available on her official YouTubre channel meaning that her label had the rights to those recordings so the release is not a big deal. It's all about the fact that Taylor wants to be in control of everything and make money off of everything. And in this situation, her catalog is owned by her record label to which she signed as a teen, her lawyer parents went through the contract and agreed, so I don't see the problem. Britney also has some weird compilations released here and there. It just happens.
  14. They were so out of touch with reality. Too bad the two BT tracks didn't even appear as b-sides. BTG would have made a nice final single in Europe.
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