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  1. 40 minutes ago, STJ said:

    nope dont like anything from the self titled.  i read that she has a new album coming soon, at least on her instagram she finished shooting the photos for the album.

    never heard of Let Go Bsides, first time i heard of it lol, let me go stream it. 

    Not even Let Me Go? That’s pretty in line with her last stuff

    I think she said she was putting the finishing touches on it recently, so hopefully it’ll come out in autumn 

    32 minutes ago, IUSAtonight said:

    Really?? Cause i always thought of her first 2 as the most rock influenced. Especially UMS which to me sounds really Evanescenceish. Maybe it's because most of the songs are high energy and fast paced and less serious subjects that i considered it more pop or pop-punk. Idk tho. I'm not really interested in genres as long as i enjoy what i hear

    No i haven't. I have listened to Why and Get over it. Are these songs b-sides? Im not sure. I really like Why. Get over it is cute but i don't really care for it

    Yes, they are on it: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/B-Sides_(Avril_Lavigne_album)


    I’ve never been able to find it anywhere 

  2. 1 hour ago, STJ said:

    5. Self-titled: 

    None, I hated hello kitty lol... this is avril's equivalent of pretty girl, and this album is her Barney Johns.

    Not even Rock n’ Roll or Here’s To Never Growing Up?

    Also, @STJ @IUSAtonight Have either of you listened to the Let Go B-Sides compilation? Is it any good?

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  3. 2 hours ago, IUSAtonight said:

    Best damn thing is rock? Idk but for me it's super popy and generic

    It felt more rocky than the others. I just didn’t think it was anywhere near as pop as the last two albums. Idk what other emer to call it, because it isn’t pop. Wikipedia says it’s punk-pop, pop-rock and alternative-pop

    I think pop-rock is accurate

  4. Goodbye Lullaby and Self-Titled are Rock-Pop, leaning more towards pop

    Best Damn Thing is more Rock, it’s my favourite

    Let Go and Under My Skin are more punk, UMS is my least favourite

    Since you’re a Britney fan I’d reccomend self-titled (since it’s more pop). But I’d just listen to the singles from each album, the tone is pretty consistent so you’ll know what you’re getting from each album

    Good Luck :sendinglove:

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  5. 3 hours ago, DirtyMind said:

    I just hope they’re planning something for her 20th anniversary.  Letting such a big milestone come and go without any fanfare would be so disappointing (but par for the course for her team, I guess).  A boxset of all of her albums on vinyl, like Rihanna did a few years ago, would be cool.  Or some kind of compilation with unreleased tracks.  But knowing her team, they’ll just discount GH:MP and TSC on iTunes and call it a day. 

    I would want to own that collection, but tbh I probably wouldn’t ever listen to it

  6. If Britney decided to quit right now, and you took control of her estate what would you do?

    Let’s make it a competition of sorts, upvote the best suggestion to vote for it. Most votes wins e.t.c. Not that you win anything but pride, still it could be fun

    I was thinking about Michael Jackson’s estate and how excellent Xscape is, but also how bad Michael (2009) is and the Scream cash-grab. So I listened to a few of his unreleased tracks and I realised that Britney has the only set of unreleased tracks that is mainly good. Most unreleased tracks are that way for a reason. Perhaps I haven’t given them a chance yet (like Gaga’s Brooklyn Nights is great), it Britney’s just feels better.

    Anyway, the setting is: Britney decides that after the POM tour and F1 performance she’s done. The rights to all of her unreleased (and released) material is essentially given to you (or you become the ‘manager’ of her estate). What would you do with it?



    My entry:

    1 - B10 - December 2018

    Whatever is there, finish it and debut the lead single at F1. Maybe she’d film a video for it in between F1 and POM ending, but idk. There’d probably be one single because it’d be too hard to promote a second without Britney. Release it on her Bday week. It’d be marketed as her final studio album.


    *sidenote: I’d make the online store sell print on demand brand new copies of her albums and DVDs (the Japanese/special editions)*


    2 - GH3 - January 2019

    with 3 leftovers from Pretty World and B10 as extras. As I’ve suggested before, I’d make is cost 0.99p (idk what songs usually cost in America). I’d use all the money earned from B10 for promotion. I 100% believe it’s set records for best selling compilation album. 

    Basically (since it’s 99p) I’d package every piece of merchandise/album/literally everything with a promotional code for the album so that I could count every sale as an album sale. I’d do a promotional deal with Pepsi, like 1 can is 1 GH3 album. Tbh I think the price alone is enough to make people but it. They cheap ass hoes. 

    The Tracklist would have 3 new songs, 3 from B10 and pretty much 3 from each studio album. It’d be so worth the price. 

    And there’d be a full priced 2-disc physical edition for the fans and such

    Then absolutely nothing, then she can go out with a bang for now 

    3 - Then a BOMT rerelease January 2024 for the 25th Anniversary, with all the demos remastered for a second disc. The CD can be filled out with remixes for any spare space, and a blu-ray documentary covering the era. It wouldn’t sell impressively, but it’d boost the BOMT sales, the fans would want it and people would love the nostalgia.

    4 - March 2024 a surprise album of unreleased material would be released.

    The idea is to use some bops, cause they’ll sell. And at this point it hasn’t been too long for people to forget her (you know what I mean, I know she can never be forgotten)

    Tracklisting: (note that I’m only considering those that have leaked in full, cause I can’t judge snippets appropriately (but I’m using looped snippets like Just Yesterday from Bare. Which is kind of hypocritical but oh well))

    1.) Instant Déjà Vu 

    2.) This Kiss

    3.) Unbrokem

    4.) Dangerous (Single)

    5.) Kiss You All Over

    6.) Telephone (there’d be a separate single release (as a remix) with Gaga)

    7.) Let Me Take You There

    8.) Burning Up 

    9.) Hey Ma (with Pitbull feat. Romeo Santos)

    10.) some form of Latino Interlude to bridge Hey Ma and L2LU

    11.) Love 2 Love U

    12.) Abroad (“Don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m going but I know I’m out of here.” Is a great way to end this album. It’s symoblic and such)


    5 - Starting in May, every month a new remix single would be released. They would be Britney Jean/Glory/B10 and onwards remixes by current DJs. Then December 2024 would be BitM Vol. 3 compiling the 8 singles (and obviously some more singles) maybe there could be some unreleased material remixed into a new song. Most of the remixes would be standard length (I.e. not a damned Club Remix) and would have a feature.


    6 - January 2029. 30th Anniversary. New unreleased album:

    1.) Sinner

    2.) Look Who’s Talking Now

    3.) Rock Star

    4.) Money, Love and Happiness 

    5.) Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On (feat. A.C.) (Single)

    6.) Just Yesterday

    7.) Rememberance Of Who I Am

    8.) She’ll Never Be Me

    9.) Red Hot Lipstick (retitled, the chorus is trash but I like the verses and instrumental. It would become a feature with a current artist and they would sing a new chorus. I think it’d be quite good with a different chorus) (Single)

    10.) Mad Love

    11.) Something To Talk About (Live) (presuming someone has the mic feed from that POM show)

    It’d be marketed as a “personal” album, because it’s not what people would usually expect from her.


    7 - January 2034. 35th Anniversary - Pretty World - all the unreleased Glory/Britney Jean tracks remastered 


    8 - January 2039. 40th Anniversary. New unreleased album:

    1.) Dramatic (Single)

    2.) Baby Boy

    3.) To Love Let Go (Single)

    4.) Strangest Love

    5.) Get It

    6.) Welcome To Me

    7.) Sugarfall (Hooked On It) (feat. Pharrell) (Single)

    8.) And Then We Kiss...

    9.) Pleasure You (feat. Don Philip)

    10.) Love The Hurt Away (feat. Full Force)


    9 - January 2044. 45th Anniversary - The Original Doll: every OD track (not the “updated” versions from the released “unreleased” albums) as close to the originally intended form as possible. Basically a recreation of The Original Doll


    10 - January 2049. 50th Anniversary. Fourth and final unreleased album:

    1.) 911 (without voiceover) (Single)

    2.) Pull Out

    3.) Take Off

    4.) Conscience

    5.) Ouch

    6.) State Of Grace (Single)

    7.) When I Say So

    8.) Guilty Kiss

    9.) Everyday (Single)

    Arguably the best last. Everyday would be released as a single in 2050, Brit would perform it live at some awards show. That’s my attempt get a top 10 hit in Six Decades. I think that’s what MJ’s estate are saving songs for, a top ten in the next two decades.


    11 - January 2049 - a new online store would go live selling special editions (like the 25th Anniversary Edition Of BOMT) of every single album. And since each one would have a documentary attached, I’d air a full Britney history series with interviews and commentaries and sh!t


    12 - I bet that at some point she’d deliver B11, idk when/what it’d sound like but it’d come



    Tbh I’d get impatient and dump all the unreleased material in special editions of the albums (like I said I’d do in 2049) in like 2024. I’d also have like five further volumes of B in the Mix and seven compilation albums with exclusive bonus tracks. It wouldn’t be wise to give me her estate, but th fans would love me (I think)







    What would you do if you had the rights to all her material? Would you even release it?


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  7. 40 minutes ago, ifuseekarianna said:

    You mad, bro? :tiffeyeroll:


    Yet you spend your days on a Britney Fan forum....


    2 minutes ago, really really cool guy said:

    I don't get it either :cackling:

    If anyone could explain it to me, that’d be great :ririshade2:

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  8. 12 minutes ago, WilderWein said:

    If she would work with that animal abuser and all that other bad stuff, i would throw all my britney stuff in the trash. She should stay away from a soulless piece of sh!t like that nasty turd.

    Did you downvote me because you hate Azealia Banks? Leave my reputation alone please

    Don’t deny the bops

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  9. On 7/7/2018 at 1:35 PM, mrken said:

    i voted for BOMT too.. Toxic is definitely classic and iconic but BOMT made Britney worldwide famous.

    If there is no BOMT, there probably no Toxic by Britney Spears

    I suppose that’s true, but without Toxic there’d be no Blackout/Glory/Womanizer. Toxic is what I feel like people will remember her for, when you request a Britney song it’s usually Toxic. BOMT is a classic, but Toxic is her most memorable song, and it’s still on the radio

  10. Azealia Banks

    I know y’all hate her but Anna Wintour, Treasure Island And Movin’ On Up are three of the best songs of the last year. She’s so talented, and if Britney worked with someone like that she’d be pushed. They both make great music, but I think Azealia could make Brit even better

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  11. The second disc has greatest hits ever on it, rather than the typical new songs. They included BOMT (because why wouldn’t they?), but I was expecting Toxic. That made me think even though BOMT outsold Toxic, isn’t Toxic arguably more iconic and generally better? Do you think Toxic or BOMT should represent Britney’s career?

    Personally I think Toxic should.

    Sidenote: there’s no Madonna, Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga. But there’s Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and S Club 7. Who makes these?

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  12. 1 hour ago, pablitonizer said:

    I doubt they really started recording B10, they must be deciding the type of sound they want for this album. She only recorded the pitbull song and that's because she might be just featuring :tiffanynod:


    Then she's going on tour till september, so I believe we'll get studioney pics by the end of the year, and do not expect a full studio album until 2019 when her new residency is announced :imok:


    There's really no point in releasing B10 this year, at all :lessons:


     Didn’t she say she started recording right after Glory tho?