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  1. So, are we just discussing a random guy’s random comment? Is that what this thread is?
  2. So, who actually listened to it?
  3. Have U Seen Her? ALMA’s debut album has been in the works since she broke into the UK charts with ‘Chasing Highs’ (now certified BPI Platinum). Along the way she released a second EP, wrote songs with Miley Cyrus, wrote songs for Ariana Grande and Lyndsey Lohan, opened for Christina Aguilera and toured with Tove Lo. Originally slated for release in the 5th of April 2019 “Have U Seen Her?” has been repeatedly pushed back until it was finally completed. Initially, “Cowboy”, “When I Die”, “Summer” and “Lonely Night” were released as singles, until she elected to remove them and focus on newer tracks. The album has seen a droplet release schedule, with two three-track EPs preceding the release. In a Q&A she recently justified this decision with “**** the rules”, that sentiment truly bleeds into her debut record and it’s glorious The opening track, “Have U Seen Her?”, serves as a strange introduction to the album. This electro-pop banger continues her adoration for parties, present in the majority of her discography, but seriously progresses her sound into uncharted territory. At first I was thrown off, but this is a pretty flawless introduction. It doesn’t take long for the album to take an introspective turn into heartfelt mid-tempo territory. ALMA’s songwriting skill has clearly developed immensely over the course of the last few years, during which she has co-written countless tracks with notable industry figures. These tracks tie the album together thematically, lending tremendous weight to the lighter moments on the record. Where, in isolation, “Bad News Baby” reads as a simple feel-good up-tempo, in the context of the album it’s about ALMA getting into a more confident headspace, following doubts surrounding her place in the music scene of Los Angeles. Have U Seen Her’s softer moments are compounded by ALMA’s powerful and versatile vocals. She brings an unseen vulnerability to these new tracks that catapult her to astronomically higher places than her previous releases. That’s not to say that Have U Seen Her’s absent of fun, it brings it in spades. Worst Behaviour, Stay All Night, Loser, there are bangers all over this thing. The album is structured to tell the story of her life over the last few years. “Have U Seen Her?” is representative of her headspace before she blew up, her anticipation. “LA Money” to “Stay All Night” chronicle the issues she faced when finally confronted with the elusive ‘LA’, with “Bad News Baby” confronting these issues. “Nightmare” to “Find Me” explore the personal issues that she’s facing in her new circumstances. “Loser” and “Final Fantasy” present her coming to terms with where she is in life, finally accepting her new life, having worked through her issues. It’s a triumphant finale to an excellently structured album. I had some exceptionally high expectations for this album, and it met them, easily. I am truly shocked by how cohesive the project feels, whilst simultaneously containing such wildly diverse tracks. I’m totally infatuated with this project and I can’t wait for whatever’s next. 8/10. Highlights: Have U Seen Her?, LA Money and Nightmare Link to the album: https://open.spotify.com/album/6duDuIepi6ZCwgAbBw1BQ1 These are the tracks she left off the album, I highly recommend them:
  4. This is the objective ranking: Never Really Over > 365 > Never Worn White > Harleys in Hawaii > Small Talk > Con Calma
  5. Hold up, Medellín isn’t one of your faves? Last year was the first time that me and my Nan agreed on Song of the Year. Medellín pops all the way off, I literally haven’t ever stopped listening to it since release
  6. I’m still a Eurovision advocate. You guys only hate the idea because you don’t seem to realise how huge it is for the rest of the world (higher viewing figures than the Super Bowl). And there’s so much less pressure and almost no competition from others wanting to perform. Eurovision is a great place to relaunch a career
  7. https://m.youtube.com/user/BritneySpears/videos?view=0&flow=list The audio tracks from Britney Jean have just been uploaded
  8. Britney - BOMT Stronger - OIDIA Overprotected or Lonely - Britney Breathe - ITZ Piece Of Me - Blackout Centre Of The Ring - Circus Femme Fatale was perfect Glory was perfect
  9. Pre-recorded, weren’t all of the performances on this tour pre-recorded?
  10. She’s not on Glory at all This channel has been releasing Myah Free Edits, check it out: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCiJq6MkkkO3-cmB6WBCccCA/videos Here’s a snippet of the Work ***** edit: Most of it’s just Myah’s voice being quite “loud” in the mix, drowning Britney’s voice out. Body Ache, however, is entirely Myah. The reason is probably that they had to rush complete the album to release it with POM. And obviously Britney wasn’t available all of the time, hence (I presume) they used Myah to complete some of the tracks
  11. Thank god, the Queen has just returned and saved Pop. Without this bop, 2019 Pop would be so dull
  12. It’s more of a don’t contribute to her streaming numbers kinda thing. Obviously you can listen to her music, that why we’re all here after all. The idea is to demonstrate dissatisfaction with the conservatorship. The positives of physically owning the CDs and downloading them far outweigh the positives of streaming anyway. I’m not seeing anything do disagree with
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