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  1. Framing Britney Spears was a much better title. This one is very shock factor.... makes it feel like it’s some crazy conspiracy and phenomenon. May bring attention but at least hire a better marketing team 😤
  2. Maybe Witness was her Glitter and Smile is her Charmbracelet. Crossing my fingers that her next one will be her Emancipation. Although I highly doubt it...
  3. I'm betting this has already been asked but I'm too lazy to look at older posts, oops xoxo Ever since the "news" (more so unconfirmed speculation) that Britney wants to retire post c-ship, a lot of people have been saying for years that she never really wanted a long career, or at least wanted to be as active as she has been since 2008 to early 2019. She has said it a lot in her early years: perform, settle down, kids, dance teacher, perform again, etc. I know a lot of people ask "What would have happened without the knee injury?". But, to be realistic, she would've taken a hiatus after her prime anyway. Through 2004 (pretty much the whole ITZ era) she wasn't really having it. The break up with Justin was still lingering, there was the VMAs hype, and the elopement, and she really just wanted to settle down with...k*vin...and have kids. Fine, let's say she never injured her knee. She finishes the tour, performs at the 2004 VMAs, then marries K-Fed and has the boys. I feel like the divorce would've happened in every possible universe, so that sucks, but let's just say for the purpose of this post she wasn't going out as much and wasn't attacked by paps and GP as much and stayed home to raise the kids. She works on Original Doll/Blackout (I know that a lot of people say her label shut down OD because it was too "revealing", and although I agree, I don't think she really would've gone through with a whole era once she found out she was pregnant -- maybe she would've done a Chaotic-like EP?) throughout her pregnancies and releases an album in 2007 (remember - in this universe the events of 2007 didn't happen). Has a tour, etc. I feel like after her fifth studio album (still would've been her magnum opus), she would take another break. Maybe pull an Adele and just release albums every couple of years, and do little activities in between. I feel like that's what she wanted to do, maybe even retire. I feel like at that point when she was still in her 20s she still loved making albums and performing but hated how she never had a break, so if she had control she could release projects every couple of years and just raise her kids in between. But I digress, that didn't happen, but maybe someday soon she'll have control... To sum it all up, I feel like Britney would've had a better time with a career more like Jessica Simpson (minus newlyweds). Jessica was a main pop girl during Britney's peak and did relatively well (5 top 40 singles and 3 albums that sold over a million copies from 1999-2004), but never reached her commercial or popular heights, and although she still has celebrity status now, she's able to raise her kids and her team isn't forcing her to work. If Brit hadn't reached so much fame during her peak maybe her team wouldn't have pushed her to work so much because there wouldn't be much to gain from it. But maybe she still could've had the same peak from 1999-2004, huge peak and all, and still had a happy life post-prime if the people working with her weren't as money hungry. Anyways, LLJ's sentence should be to manage Jamie Lynn's country career for all eternity and Britney's fanbase should buy out Britney's contract, since we're the only ones who just want her happy, even if that means retirement.
  4. I definitely agree with some of the statement. You can always tell the random GP teens from tik tok who make up random accusations vs the actual fans who care and now Britney’s history. There are accusations that Britney wears low rise jeans and crops tops because her dad won’t let her buy anything new so shes’s forced to wear old clothes, which is straight up weird. Another one that’s really disheartening is when people make conspiracies on her appearance. I have seen too many comments about her being “bloated” because of the meds she has to take. Conspiracy theories like these just straight up call her out of shape with the backing that “they care”. And even if it was true, why call it out? I love Britney and I want her free, but it’s awful to see the comments and random people (obviously not fans) comment on her appearance. We all know Britney has never really cared when it comes to home wear and when she’s not in a professional setting. These comments are the same ones that started in 2004 when she stopped working.
  5. I mean, yeah. I don't know why they needed to give her virtually the same award. Regardless of Jackson's personal life MTV cannot deny the fact he basically game them success and his contribution to pop. Especially since Gaga's impact is just really on the same level as Katy, Rihanna, and Taylor. So I don't think it's necessary to put her higher just because of her crazy outfits. Still love her though.
  6. PREACH! I think they did a wonderful job with choosing Christina and not some other pop singer (i.e., when they had Ariana remake Celine's version of "Beauty and the Beast). The dramatic drums just put it together. Plus, I think the fact that Christina sang this song as a 17 year old, and the fact that the song basically lead to her getting a record deal, makes it more emotional that 20 years later she is singing it with a different perspective. PLUS,,,, VOCALS!! Her voice has naturally deepened and sounds much fuller. It made me emotional to hear a song I remember from when I was little remade by the same singer and I am now listening with such a different view on life. Lowkey makes me teary eyed. Anyways, I would kill to hear this version live. Let her sing this at the Oscars!!
  7. *I'm so sure this has been asked before****** So I've always wanted to assemble a list of "pop icons" to expand my music listening and listen to albums (because that's where all the hidden treasures are), but I wanted to learn everyone's definitions/reasonings/lists of who they consider icons. Of course, we have standards such as Britney, Madonna, Mariah, Janet, Whitney, etc., whose careers have proved that they are legendary, but what makes newer pop queens turn from one-hit wonders to frontrunners, or even not a flop not yet a queen? When did Rihanna, Gaga, Katy, Taylor, or even Ariana (I think it's safe to say she is definitely a main girl and has made her mark) become "official" queens??? Is it success or relevancy, because I know some people consider Lana a main girl even though she has maybe three mainstream hits (no shade, she has an impact but I would say her character is more well known than her actual music). So, do you guys have "lists" of pop queens? Not just the ones you stan, but ones you acknowledge in general? When do you think someone is "crowned"? Criteria? Do even queens who have lost relevancy but were HUGE once upon a time (ex: Paula Abdul and Fergie both had a string of successful #1s back in their prime but soon fizzled out and did not last a decade but their relevancy cannot be denied) be considered queens?? also side note, are we all in agreement that modern "pop" music/culture was born (aka post-disco death) when Madonna, Michael, and MTV showed up or do people have differing opinions? To be honest, I just want to assemble a catalog of artists to explore and learn pop history :P
  8. Agreed the song was not my fav when it came out but the video definitely elevated the hype.
  9. Also, it irritates me when 6ix9ine uses the excuse that he came from nothing and Ari had Nickelodeon to boost her. Although that's true and I'm not discounting 6ix9ine's hardships, Ariana got on those shows and has a massive following because she's extremely talented as an artist. Saying she got everything from Nickelodeon means that Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove are also successful right now because of Nick (disclaimer: they're not). Stop being salty because of her success. I'm not a huge fan of either parties but it irritates me when other's try to discount the credit of other artists because of they're success and then compare situations. If you don't like Billboard stay away from it. Nicki had a huge career and just got her first number one. Smh.
  10. messy messy messy. Literally I feel that the charts should be way less praised than they are and should honestly be more of a historical record than an achievement. We're all in quarantine and there's so much less music than usual and Justin and Ari are HUGE so I'm not surprised everyone tuned in to listen. Also 6ix9ine who? Wtf is Gooba. I've never even heard it. Stop being salty you got literally #3 which is much more than most artists can say... All these new artists are so vain and only seem to do music for the charts. Wtf. And, even though it's a heavy rumor, I can't even remember a time when Britney complained about being radio blacklisted during the Britney era. Obviously there's a difference between trash and class, and money can't buy class. Literally over this argument charts are not that important. It's the fanbase that really matters, Ariana didn't even have a number one until Thank U, Next and that was five years after her debut. 6ix9ine has been around for only two? Gimme a break.
  11. Also "Never Really Over" was super strong as a single and mv but the fact that she didn't release an album with it and instead just stand alone singles makes me
  12. I think one of the main reasons is her fans have outgrown her or pop music doesn't have a real place for her since 2017. She's kind of turned into the wine aunt of pop music. Yes, her "Katy Kats" were big, especially during the early 2010s, but I have a feeling they all grew up and are now listening to Ari. Gaga, Rihanna, and Taylor, who were really popular around the time Katy was have lasted the hype because they create mainstream culture rather than follow it (Aka A Star Is Born, Fenty Beauty, and Taylor just has huge eras like Reputation that are successes). Plus, they are loved by Stan twitter (idk about Taylor though), and Katy is not, so that adds to her downfall. Overall, no one cares about Katy because everyone outgrew her music and she's more a relic of 2010-2013 rather than holding her own. Also when she fought Taylor, Taylor made much more of a profit on it and had better songs than "swish swish" Plus, Witness ruined her career and she over-promoted it and she's left to die on American Idol.
  13. So, I have a controversial theory. One that might lose me whatever respect I have. This theory is: Tana Mongeau is the Britney Spears of YouTube. Ok, here me out: I'm focusing on their pop-culture influence and impacts, as well as career parallels. Now, to start off, both of them are obviously controversial. However, while Tana's controversies are usually more surrounding her sometimes politically incorrect decisions and ignorance of respect (not to scalp her but sis needs a manners lesson), while Britney's were more because of society back then (fi that makes sense). Anyway, if you do the math (I have a ton of free time), Britney was the same exact age (in years, days, and months) at when she released the "Baby" single when Tana uploaded her first video. Coincidence? I think not. Tana and Britney both broke out as blonde teens who were known for their controversial boundary-crossing decisions. Britney's clothing and performance choices were deemed "too **** too soon" and Tana's vulgar mouth upset parents. Both girls also had an extremely young fan base with very upset fan parents. Adding on to that, both have had highly publicized relationships. Britney had a famous break up with Justin and a famous wedding to infamous K-Fed, and Tana just achieved extreme media coverage for both her relationship with ex-Disney star Bella Thorne, breaking up with cheating boyfriend Justin Bieber lookalike, and wedding to YouTube prince Jake Paul. Both also have tumultuous relationships with their managers. Britney and Larry Rudolph have a relationship that have troubled the stans, and Tana has an equally complicated relationship with her manager, Jordan Worona. Of course, both girls are extremely different and have different career paths (also, I promise I'm not a 13 year old twitter stan, I've loved Brit since day 1, I'm just obsessed with keeping up with pop culture). Britney turned 21 in 2002, and Tana just turned 21 this year. Almost forgot, but both have an MTV reality series. Going back to my point, back in Britney's younger years, TRL and the pop music scene were the focus of teen minds, and now YouTube is that platform. James Charles's latest scandal ended up on NBC, David Dobrik is hosting the TCAs, and Liza Koshy attended the Met Gala. Just as Britney inherited the crown from MJ, Tana was passed the torch by YouTube OG Shane Dawson (But I suspect he took it back after Tanacon). Tana Mongeau really is the forefront of Gen Z culture, as when Brit was for the new Millennial, and I'm interested to see Tana's future.
  14. Now that the news of Xtina's debut album celebrating 20 years, and I'm bored, let's rank the 12 hits of Brit, Xtina, Jessica, and Mandy of their debut albums (...Baby One More Time, Christina Aguilera, Sweet Kisses, and So Real). Also just list some memories that come with the songs/albums. I personally remember getting my license and just shuffling a playlist I had of these four albums and pretending I was in the "Candy" video. Disclaimer: I do NOT consider Willa Ford to be one of these girls. She came out in 2001, released one album, then dipped. These girls really defined the era. Also, these 12 songs are the singles that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 from the debut albums (hence, "Born To Make You Happy", "Walk Me Home", and "So Real" are not included bc they did not chart). Here is the list in alphabetical order: "...Baby One More Time" - Britney "Candy" - Mandy "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" - Christina "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" - Britney "Genie In A Bottle" - Christina "I Think I'm In Love With You" - Jessica " I Turn To You" - Christina "I Wanna Love You Forever" - Jessica "Sometimes" - Britney "What A Girl Wants" - Christina "Where You Are" - Jessica "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - Britney My ranking (in iconicness and composition): 1. "...Baby One More Time" - overall 10/10 BOP, always a party favorite, started this era. Any other would be wrong. 2. "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" - The radio edit serves, as does the album version. Such a **** song and the church choir-like piano pumps me up. 3. "Candy" - such a basic song but also such a good reference of that era. Really such a catchy song. Also points for "Love always, Mandy". 4. "I Think I'm In Love With You" - Even with the "Jack and Diane" sampling, this song is the definition of rolling the windows down and screaming. 5. "Genie In A Bottle" - Good and iconic song, in which everyone knows and is literally so **** ugh 6. "What A Girl Wants" - Nice 90s R&B Like jam that's a nice bop, swaying, just sweet memories. 7. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" - Love the Stop! remix so much, literally pumps me up. The album version fails to impress me, however 8. "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" - Underrated ballad, Britney SERVES vocals with her deep, soulful coming out. Na na na.... 9. "I Wanna Love You Forever" - So soulful, really showcases Jess' early vocals. 10. "Where You Are" - Veryyyy underrated, also a duet between Nick Lachey and Jess! But still such a good climax and bridge 11. "Sometimes" - Good song, cheesy but similar to "Candy", but Britney slaysss with belting the high notes ("I'll just hang around and you'll see...") 12. "I Turn To You" - ICONIC, but also, loses points because it is SO hard to sing along because the notes are impossible, so not the best car-bop.
  15. There were sooo many of them (copycats), especially in 2001. Like Hoku, Willa Ford, Brooke Allison, and Nikki (or Britteny) Cleary. Brooke and Nikki are extremely forgettable, with Brooke Allison's "The Kiss Off (Goodbye)". I believe there's a video of it on youtube. And then Nikki Cleary had the "I.M. Me" song which is extremely cringe-worthy. I guess Nikki Cleary was less of a Britney copycat and more of a teen singer copycat. Except her song sounds kind of country. Ugh it's upsetting that Mandy hates her early work! Although she did perform like an acoustic/pop rock isn version of "Candy" during the promotion of Wild Hope. Except now Wild Hope isn't on iTunes, Spotify, or any other music streaming except some is on YouTube and there are rare copies of it on Amazon.
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