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  1. She's a cheat Hun and without features she has no hype, she barely has fans sooooo
  2. I used to her love her, but she's a mean nasty person behind the scenes, I witnessed it when I was doing back up in the boys music video with Cassie, the way she treated her team and assistant was disgusting, she's a cheat when she hops on any song that's near number 1 just so she can claim it. She deserves the hate that comes her way because she's also homophobic and will do anything for a hit.
  3. The Britney episode is the only episode I ever watched of glee because of well...... Britney
  4. I love Gaga with dark brown hair, ugh, it makes her look younger
  5. The most iconic moment was when I made an exhale account
  6. Who cares about the charts, I like the album despite it being hit or not
  7. Wow for a 61 year old her body looks good
  8. What in the krack is that? She's going to be humiliated again
  9. Liar https://open.spotify.com/track/5hj8bVmhltSOVIXY9HNFi8?si=_gyHF5TeS6Si04aGh9Dr3A
  10. Oh I see the B army tryna pay Britneys dad deductibles, y'all are so generous
  11. I love this picture, it represents the true troll in me
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