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  1. Same thoughts, her photos and videos have this android-ish camera output where there is auto-noise reduction, resulting to smudged details and softened photos.
  2. The video was uploaded both on her tiktok acc and instragram acc. I called it a tiktok video because it has more views on tiktok (9.2million) than on IG (3.3million)
  3. I did this because she looked stunning and fresh in that tiktok video. It's a bummer that the front cam of her phone ruined that radiant look. PS. She def needs an iPhone 11 or any of the top leading flagship phones right now imo. Too bad Papa Spears alloted her a very low budget. #FreeBritney
  4. i think it's the other way around kpop already had those eye candy visuals and mv set since 2009
  5. OMG yes they do! The sad thing is, since they produce their own music and choreograph their own dances, they are kind of exploited by their company. I also like Day6! Them being a Kpop rock band is such a breath of fresh air and they are so talented!
  6. The fact that this site is still using an old icon of Instagram is embarrassing.
  7. It's generic and oozing with cheesiness but this song brings back a lot of memories, a lot of good ones when my family was still complete so I love listening to this to rekindle the good old days.
  8. I think Chained to the Rhythm, Witness, and the whole purposive pop idea would be successful if Witness was released this year, considering all the injustice happening in the US, China, Hongkong, Philippines, and other parts of the world. PS. Here in the Philippines, after 7 days, dissent will be illegal. Protesters and anyone who is against the government will be red tagged as crimnals and will be jailed without warrant. A simple meme against the government will put you in jail. We will enter another dark and bloody era.
  9. Girls Generation will always be my ultimate kpop girl group. But since they are inactive right now, I'm stanning Blackpink and Red Velvet. Red Velvet is one the most versatile, experimental, and prominent kpop girl groups right now. Their latest song, Psycho, was a smash hit and everyone is claiming it to win Song Of The Year on Korean awards shows. For Kpop boy groups, my ult is SEVENTEEN. They are multi talented boy groups who write and produce their own music! They are also called Kings of Synchronization because of their extraordinary dancing skills! They are currently the 3rd most well known boy group in Korea, behind BTS and EXO. Please check out SEVENTEEN! Their variety shows are so entertaining and they are all naturally funny and adorable!
  10. AAAAAHHHH THE ICONIC INTRO IN 1080p HD! Me and my gay friends love to recreate the intro scene on our vacant time lmao
  11. I don't know why it flopped. It has all the elements and formula to be a smash hit or at least a radio/streaming hit! Why did it flop? Was the promotion bad? The music video is so eye candy and kpop-ish! I remember I was kinda busy during her comeback and I just remember listening to Breathe In Breathe Out, All About You, and Chasing The Sun. #JusticeForSPARKS
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