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  1. @DayvinDazoneYeah, the shadiness with this team is unreal
  2. I’m just now catching up on everything so this may have already been discussed a million times but in relation to her being spotted at a hair salon in the midst of all this... Do y’all think that was staged by her team to save face? Or is she really able to enjoy those luxuries right now? It definitely doesn’t make her seem as imprisoned as everyone has determined she is, so was that the intention or do y’all think this is all really just blown out of proportion and she was getting her hair done, end of story? I don’t have an opinion of my own yet, just curious what the consensus is on here!
  3. I don’t doubt a lot of what that voicemail said but I also have to wonder (and this has probably been said before) why a random paralegal would contact a random podcast about Britney’s Instagram account with all this information. Wouldn’t he know his career would be jeopardized and/or over once the pieces were put together? He stated he left the firm 2 weeks before he left the voicemail. I’m sure that would make it super easy for his employers to figure out who he is and I have to wonder if he doesn’t have a non-disclosure agreement in relation to Brit’s case. Has that been clarified yet? Honestly, I’m way behind on all this. I guess since he left the firm already, he doesn’t see the harm, but I would be scared it would bite me in the ass and I’d get sued for libel Idk, I definitely agree that the conservatorship is suspect and there’s a lot of greedy details that don’t sit right with me but IF she really isn’t taking her meds as needed, I do see where her family and team would want to take action to keep her from possibly harming herself or having a repeat of 2007. Hopefully that would be the motive. We don’t know what she’s doing or how she’s behaving behind closed doors. That being said, if the girl can do back-to-back-to-back residencies and tours, she clearly isn’t as incapacitated as the conservatorship would suggest. I just hope the #freebritney movement doesn’t overwhelm her, or cause future problems for her, as I assume it would, especially if the information isn’t correct. I will say, I absolutely agree that it seems she lives in a prison and deserves more freedom, should she want it. This sh!t is just super dark and there’s a lot of murky details and facts I simply don’t have. My heart breaks for her either way.
  4. I follow her. It’s just a post of someone (“Dorothy”) sitting on the couch wearing red slippers and the TV shows a forecast of tornados. It’s just a Wizard of Oz reference, like, “oh, a tornado is coming, better put on my slippers and be ready!” Tornadoes and bad storms are all over the south right now. So no, nothing deep or Britney related, I wouldn’t think!