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  1. 3 minutes ago, I Think I'm Ready Now said:

    You created your account just to defend Beyonce ? :orangu:

    Anyway, Beyonce IS bigger than Britney now, don't say I don't let her enjoy her peak. 

    But no, she wasn't bigger 10 years ago. Sales are not the only thing that makes someone big. Being a pop culture phenomenon goes way beyond that

    Both have sales and impact and are pop culture phenomenon 

  2. Omg now Beyoncé doesn't have any music impact a the last two albums she release have had cultural impact including an Harvard research mans several courses at universities across America on feminism with Beyoncé and her music as case study.

    A random album track from her 2013 album just inspired a skyscraper design in Sydney ( which they ar calling the Beyoncé tower)

  3. Just now, I Think I'm Ready Now said:

    I'm talking about media and people's obsession with her, literally everyone talked about her

    Beyonce's first album can't be compared to Britney's fourth album, and the same goes with their tours

    Overall, Beyonce wasn't big in the 2000's. She started get really big the last 6 or 7 years

    If Beyoncé wasn't big in 2000s then why has she been outselling Britney since she went solo(2003)?  Y'all just love to create different narratives Britney has one of the highest peak of any musical artist in history so let Beyoncé enjoy hers.

    Also claiming Beyoncé popularity is all PR is false she doesn't even f*ck with the media or address them, she is her own boss and not jay z puppet, and every artist have their team of people working for or with them.

  4. 14 hours ago, I am Max. said:

    Agree, Beyonce stole the show from anyone, including Rihanna that was her night. It wasn't nice from her, that's why I hate her so bad. 

    So you hate beyonce for upstaging rih and Britney because she had the better performance (pathetic) but as a fan you wish Britney had the best performance of the night,on a night which y'all claim was supposed to be Rihanna's night i.e. Britney upstaging Rihanna like Beyoncé did?