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  1. Honestly? Good luck. I’m happy with what we got from urban. :-)
  2. Can u link me? I've never seen that, i thought the vocals were the same overnight
  3. Ahhh fair enough. I dont believe there isn't a studio version, i rly do not think that was sung live, rather pre-recorded. Yeah i think they did. Tbh he just teases to get promo i'd leave him be where he is releasing s club 7 remixes from 2004 : ---- )
  4. He didn't make any for vegas from my understanding - i can see someones tagged some of his remixes as Simon Ellis Unused Vegas Remix' on certain websites but i dont think its official. Pls correct me if im wrong. EDIT: Didnt someone say theres no such thing as a studio version of britneys vegas show songs as they're all performed live? I laughed when i heard that. In fact now i take back my above statement, i think simon ellis actually said it lol. Can i be honest? I'm over simon ellis. For years he hyped us and said he would release more and more if he hit a certain amount of followers/subscribers (going back way to 2011) but he left it far too long and from what i recall eventually got hit with something similar to a cease and desist from brits team. Granted, he's leaked about 5 official remixes: Gimme More FFT, Circus CT, Piece of Me CT (Demo), Me Against The Music CT and Slave CT. He still occasionally teases us and does the whole when i hit 5000 followers i'll leak more so and so but he never follows through then deletes his posts because i dont think he CAN leak them, he's just doing it for promo and subs. Im grateful for what he has leaked but i dont think he would rly give any hindsight behind anything more and he's been pretty much told by britneys team not to. I think as mentioned above David La would be a lot more interesting. Oh and just to clarify, pretty much all of the FFT studio versions bar what i've mentioned above leaked because the backdrops leaked. Nothing to do with simon (and BSChile did not leak them - they were uploaded to the producers website then BSChile downloaded and tagged them). Also, we had toxic and boys before Simon leaked it again which is like ????? why are you trying to pretend you're giving us something that we dont already have. Still, love and light. all that stuff
  5. Hey, do you know anything about a circus tour screener? I like to think youre the man with all the behind the scenes info about what's currently circulating.
  6. botoxney... we love to see it. amazing how much better she looks when she does her forehead.
  7. Can we just all appreciate how awesome and respectful that was. What a king oh and jordan ly too
  8. Omg dont even perpetuate about her injecting. thats silly. At max, she's probably done *******/acid. bloody hell
  9. I lie. It's on the standard edition YAS
  10. It's still the original on uk streaming services
  11. Outsold dont take the kids from me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9th33zJvTA
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