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  1. 1. FTBOMBH is her best ballad even better than Everytime vocals and everything.

    2. The Beat Goes On criminally underrated track. 

    3.  Hard To Forget Ya and If Im Dancing are the only tracks from Glory I still listen too.

    4. Better is overrated and I am glad it wasn't a single. 

    5. I love Big Fat Bass I always listen to it cause my friend is a FF stan. I even wouldn't have minded it being a single

    6. Sometimes >>>>> Crazy, BTMY

  2. If there going to change the show to make it honour the BOMT 20th anniversary 

    She should perform ALL the singles off of it BOMT, Crazy and yes even one she hates because she did say she knows the fans love them like Sometimes, BTMYH and FTBOMBH should be performed even if there in a medley. :tiffanynod:

    As well it would be nice to see appearances of I Will Be There, Soda Pop and Email My Heart since fans will go  :unreal:

    If the residency goes into 2020 she would switch it up with Oops 20th Anniversary  :britoverit:

    Again performing all singles like Oops, Stronger, Lucky, DLMBTLTK  <- she's performed all of these in the past 10 years at some point. :lmao:

    Then maybe some album tracks like Don't Go Knockin, What U See and Where Are You Now.  :surprisedney:

    If residency goes into 2021 it would be Britney 20th Anniversary  :uknowit:

    Performing all singles Slave, Overprotected, ILR&R, Not A Girl and Boys (please don't use that awful POM Remix its disposable trash) :janet:

    Then album tracks Lonely, What Its Like To Be Me and Anticipating:makesomenoise:


    Do you think we will make it to 2023? In The Zone Anniversary? :wontcry:

    Performing MATM, Toxic, Everytime and Outrageous :frenchy:

    Album tracks Breathe On Me, Touch Of My Hand (she already does these but lets do...) :tehe:

    Early Mornin, The Hook Up and Shadow. :yesplease:


  3. On 6/24/2018 at 12:45 AM, ToxicLuver23 said:

    If Britney ever performs Sometimes again, I would feel like I've died and gone to heaven, lol.

    That was actually the song that got me to be a fan of Britney when I was a little boy. :tifftear:

    Yes, one of her most underrated singles of all time was the one that got me hooked on her early on in her career. :tiffanynod:

    YES Primney underrated singles! :cutebrit: 

    I was hooked when From the bottom of my broken heart video premiered. An even more underrated single got me hooked. Wish she would perform that as well! :yesplease:

  4. Someone a while ago I remember asked if Britney should be on Wendy Williams but I wouldn't want to see that because Wendy is too much and Wendy has such a hate/love relationship with her it seems. I don't think she should go to Wendy at all. I feel for B10 she should get some extra promo for her album by going on more talk shows especially in America.

    The View seems to be more ideal since A) She's been on it before back in 2000 was her last appearance there I believe.  B) She seems to have confidence, energy and personality again by recent interviews from 2015 to now. C) I think the current ladies like her so no one would attack, Meghan is a huge Britney fan & Joy has met her before, Whoppi, Sara and Sunny I could see liking her especially because of her genuine personality.

    Kelly and Ryan she's been interviewed by both would be good promo as well. 

    What other shows would be good for her? 

  5. I feel there similar, I see Kylie's early Bubble-gum pop in the same sort of way  I see Britney's first 3 albums. Kylie is like "what if we had Britney in the 80s". I don't see Britney similar to Madonna but more to Kylie tbh during her first 4 albums. Kylie's debut album, Enjoy Yourself remind me of Baby & Oops, While Rhythm Of Love & Lets Get To It (which are two of my faves from Kylie recently discovered) is like Britney, then I see KM94 similar to ITZ in the sense where she really began breaking out her inner artistry. Those albums remind me of Britney. 

    I have really enjoyed listening to Kylie's music in the past few months I actually got her Light Years album today which is gay heaven! 

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  6. 17 minutes ago, Trentals said:

    One of the reasons I love Kylie Minogue so much is that she doesn't something different every era. She doesn't stick with the same genre and uses different producers and writers for every album.

    Britney needs to start doing this. Regardless of whether she gets a hit, she needs to release what she feels comfortable with. She needs to change it up and try new things. Back in 2003, thats why In The Zone worked so well, as well as Blackout in 2007, because instead of doing what was predicted and what was popular at the time, she did the opposite. At the time both ITZ and Blackout were judged poorly, but as times gone by they have been her most critically successful work. Kylie had that too with Impossible Princess and her self titled album.

    Everyone works with Max Martin to get a big pop hit. Thats cool, I have them to listen too. Britney is 20 years into her career and needs to be doing hot new fresh stuff. Even if it flops, we need something that her heart is all in (like she was with ITZ), that shes happy to push and push cause she believes in the music, even if its not the current trend. 

    Back in 2003-2004 if you were on Britney forums, Toxic was pretty much ITZ most hated track. I can actually recall someone starting a petition for it to not be a single. It was new and fresh, and she believed in it. She needs to believe in herself and her craft again, not just release a bunch of pop hits by the hottest producers to satisfy her label (and tbh, that hasn't worked so well on the last two albums anyway sooooooo).

    As much as I love Max, he needs to stay away. Same as Joseph Kahn. We need to stop living in the past. She created all these amazing pop moments that even today people are trying to copy (heres looking at you Swift...). The way she made all those moments was by being unique and controversial. Doing things that hadn't been done. She needs to create new moments, not copy her old ones or copy trends.

    I agree with this 100 percent. Honestly I have been getting into Kylie recently and I never listened to her work before but she has a very versatile discography, noticing that with her work that she does what she wants and she seems pretty happy with it regardless of what the trend is and her work even her "worst" albums are still exceptional in my opinion. I feel because of Impossible Princess and KM94 she managed to learn to find a middle ground where she is comfortable with which is why she still continues to make music.

    I feel Britney needs to find music she's comfortable with that she loves if likes 80s music and wants to do it, then I say she should go for it if she's passionate about it. I want to see something different and not hearing "inspired by Selena, Justin" because YES I do love Glory and you can hear HER voice again (no Myah), but you can also tell she's just following trends in certain songs. We also need something other than just sex songs in lyrics. 

  7. Turn Back Time Residency  just do all the singles or pretty much all of them and even ones not performed. If she wants to make a greatest hits show why not? 

    • Slumber Party
    • Make Me
    • Work Bitch
    • Scream & Shout (Interlude)
    • Criminal
    • I Wanna Go
    • Till The World Ends
    • Hold It Against Me (Elements Of "3")
    • Radar (Interlude)
    • If U Seek Amy
    • Circus
    • Womanizer
    • Break The Ice
    • Piece Of Me
    • Gimme More (Interlude)
    • Someday I Will Understand
    • Do Somethin
    • My Prerogative 
    • Outrageous (Interlude)
    • Everytime
    • Me Against The Music
    • Toxic
    • Boys (Interlude)
    • I Love Rock N Roll
    • Overprotected
    • Im A Slave 4 U
    • Anticipating (Interlude)
    • Im Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman/Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know/Lucky (Medley)
    • Stronger
    • Oops I Did It Again
    • From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
    • Born To Make You Happy
    • I Will Be There (Interlude)
    • Sometimes
    • You Drive Me Crazy
    • Baby One More Time... (Encore)


    ...Baby One More Time - Soda Pop (The Bop), E-Mail My Heart, I'll Never Stop Loving You

    Oops!... I Did It Again - Where Are You Now

    Britney -  Cinderella

    In the Zone - Shadow

    Blackout - Heaven on Earth

    Circus - Unusual You, Blur

    Femme Fatale - Don't Keep Me Waiting

    Britney Jean - Til It's Gone

    Glory - Do You Wanna Come Over? 


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  9. 6 hours ago, Mayenaise said:

    I'm legit crying hearing something so honest and soul bearing from her nowadays is so rare :crying2:

    This has just made me realise THIS is what I need from her... A good honest emotional performance.

    Same! I want to see this from her. 

    I wouldn't have mind a studio version of this at the end of BOMT instead of Beat Goes On. As much as I love Beat Goes On I could sacrifice it for this song. 

  10. I think its a favourite from Britney because she said this was one of her favourite to perform live I think it was on the Crazy 2K or Oops Tour when she performed it. I also think they wanted to close the albums era with a ballad. 

    This song charted in Canada in the top 30s (#25) and it was always on MTV I remember here in Canada and MuchMusic, as well as Family Channel. In the US it charted at #14 it charted even higher than Sometimes. Its her highest charting ballad to date, even higher than Everytime which charted at #15 in the US.

    I am honestly glad we had FTBOMBH as the final single even though i do think BTMYH should have been released in the US as well. FTBOMBH closes that first era nicely. It also has a beautiful music video that screams nostalgia.  

    A lot of my non Britney fan friends tend to love this song even if they don't like her music very much, when I show them this song they are surprised with her vocals. 

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  11. 7 hours ago, ElectricPlatypusLove said:

    She needs to move on from hating it. It's a lovely song. The sentiment actually speaks to Britney's real life personality at this time a lot more than most of her songs. It's a song that maybe was too mature for a teenager even though it's obviously trying to sound like one. I didn't adore "Sometimes" back in 1999 but now I really identify with the lyrics in my early 30's.  Becoming guarded, wanting to "believe in everything that you say" are the sentiments of a person who has experienced a few heartbreaks.



    Its my 2nd or 3rd fave song from the album tbh. :lmao:

    7 hours ago, Godney's Sweet Ass said:

    This should definitely be part of her POM Tour set list. It was a big hit and let's face it none of her recent songs can have that said about them, but they're still being performed... :bichpls:


    Don't shade the hits Britney - the past hits are all you have nowadays :kyliecry:

    she needs to get rid of Boys. I don't ever play that one because its so over played and the POM remix should have never saw its light of day. :meltdown::orangu:

    1 hour ago, Fab britney said:

    Britney should do a throwback section in Pom where she performs her sweeter past hits in a cute way, like the music box from dream tour, those exact 3 songs too actually :mattafact:

    add From the bottom of my broken heart and I am here for it! :mhm:

  12. 2 hours ago, The_Original_Toy said:

    I LOVE light years :groovin: we need more trance pop

    We really do! i actually was looking for trance pop, missing the EDM era of the 2010s. Light Years (along with Rhythm of Love) is my fave Kylie album mainly for the trance. Britney should do a full trance pop album for B10. Trance pop full of bops :groovin:

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