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  1. I actually don't agree with this. I think that Glory showed that she could gain it all back and it be even better than before. Fans say things about Britney's career now and talk about how she is as a performer but I think she is in a better place in her life than she was in her prime. She had a lot of issues she never worked through because she had a very childish, "**** you" attitude. I understand why because she was forced to follow rules yet still act like an adult when she was young. Now that she has matured, has kids, and also the conservatorship, I think she has more balance and a clear direction. Okay, so the conservatorship prevented a lot of things and still is but now she has the ability to gain control in a healthier way like she has been doing. Glory was all her. I feel we are going to get some of her best albums from now on. I know fans have been waiting patiently but I think these next ten years, she will make some of her best music, unless she retires(hopefully not). To think, her 40s will be her best decade of life musically(again, it's just a prediction of mine). Just wait!!!
  2. In an article with Entertainment Weekly titled, Britney Spears: Nobody's Angel, she states she was hoping to start her own record label. AND That Japan conference she had during the In The Zone era is my favorite music interview of hers because she stated she wanted to produce the entire next album by herself. Obviously, after all of her struggles with Kevin, she decided to let the other producers just create the album without her input in a sense of being the main songwriter/producer but if that didn't happen, she would have taken over the production aspect and said she would have only worked with one other producer to teach her/for guidance. At 4:37 I just thought it was interesting. We might not get the same Britney as a performer but whatever amount of albums she decides to release from now until she maybe wants to retire, I am sure we will be getting it even better. I think we are safe in the general musical aspect of things.
  3. I might be a little late on this one but that was her first single from Blackout, her biggest hit of that era and she did not sing it? That's so weird!
  4. They are to me, a huge part of the problem. They seem to be behind in anything to do with modern music. They are basically just babysitters who make a boat load of money. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish Britney had a better management team and hopefully gets that EVER.
  5. I know that it technically took her out of the GP's mind because it was way less successful than Femme Fatale but it definitely shook things up for her with her label and her team. She finally got to do the album she wanted. Both Britney Jean and Femme Fatale were supposedly originally different before her team or her label stepped in and made it into something she did not want. Glory gave her at least the control over her music back. I do hate that once Britney Jean came about, it gave her a first single off a new album that was not number one or even top 10 and did not get any radio play. I live in Southern California and listen to all the major pop stations, didn't hear about this album on radio or from anyone else until I became a major fan of hers in recent years. It seems that album faded and no one heard of it. There are definitely more things to worry about and more effort needed to be put towards every part of her career but I am at least glad we got some decent music out of it. I always felt she started her career over with Circus but in a worse place than her first album. Circus being Baby One More Time, Femme Fatale being Oops I did it Again, Britney Jean being Britney (though not as good), and we got Glory, which is reminiscent to In The Zone. Hopefully, whatever new album she releases whenever she releases it will be the modern day version of Blackout we always wanted. With Britney, it's hard because even with Circus and Femme Fatale, she had hits but she was not the star she once was. All she needed was one album for people to forget her because they already stopped thinking of her despite her still consistency having hits. I don't know if she could technically get it all back but I do think she can keep being moderately successful. The worst of it is she continues to be a legacy act for the rest of her life but I guess it doesn't matter as long as the GP will always be nostalgic and never let her completely fade. Hopefully though, we see something different in the next few years.
  6. Also, do compilations and greatest hits count? Not that it matters anyways because those kinds of projects don’t do well in today’s market but I was just wondering. It’s not yearly, it’s number of albums, right?
  7. I would love to see Britney's official design of everything though
  8. In the Zone is a combo of my FAVORITE album/era, so I would also like a special bonus feature that includes tour of bus, backstage, and the whole design process for stage and costumes alike. Is that too much to ask?
  9. I noticed all the stuff I love about her outside of her singing, other artists were not as great at to me. I am not going to call other artists out but just like how Britney was not the best singer, other singers did not have a lot of the things she had. Some had great dance skills and even better than Britney's but she had the mix of amazing stage presence and amazing dance skills(also routines). Her stage outfits were so on point that I don't feel that way about most artists. Britney's splash of her color and her diversity with the way she dresses makes me more entertained by her choices than anyone else. She always(in her prime) had super figure flattering clothes that were flawless stage costumes(which is why they were so damn iconic in the first place). I notice that maybe it's because other artists are so super glamorous that they don't get subtlety, whereas Britney had a mix of both that was perfect. I also love how Britney is a lot more natural in a sense that performing with her dancing and her passion for just that was enough to drive me wild. She did not have to make a statement. Britney's love of just doing just performing or interacting with the audience and just feeling the music was always enough for me. I always felt most artists are super calculated and when Britney was on stage most of the time, we sometimes forget how well marketed she is. Also, her music videos were always so consistent to a point where there was no one like her. Even if her execution has been sloppy for recent years, when we get the scoop of what could have been or we get surprised from some clever idea of hers(Slumber Party wasn't epic in execution but the concept behind it and Britney's vision always sounded super clever and outside of the box), she really excites me more than any other artist ever. Even though I wish she did still have most of her qualities in her prime, I will always remember the legacy she had built and the amazing influence she had on me not only as a performer but as an artist. Even if she is not the best singer, I care less about that anyway, especially when I listen to most artists I love(not as much as Britney). I care if she just sings her heart out with effort to be on key and of course live. However, if she never does that, she will always leave me in awe with her for what she has put out there. In her first few years of the industry, it was more than what most have done for 10-50 years, for me at least. No matter how many younger artists write their own songs or sing live, I find Britney far more influential. No one will I love as much as Britney Spears. Since In the Zone era was my favorite everything, let's enjoy some of her best, yeah?
  10. Is that weird... (Not just for the music but so I could look at that amazing booklet any time of the damn day)
  11. Believe it or not, people will remember in her death bed(please God let her live a long life) her legacy. Almost all legends lost their reputations for a huge while before we lost them and are still only remembered for the good: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, etc. Her happiness and emotional stability is all that matters at this point. Even if we feel she has become hugely lazy as a performer, I doubt it will do anything bad to her in the long run. As long as people keep seeing her, they know what they are getting themselves into. People know what she is all about now and even though I wish things were different and she had the entire package, it's okay that she doesn't. She is stable, happy, and that is something those legends I listed did not have before their death. Even if she stays in a conservatorship forever, she is still not bound to strict rules as much anymore it seems like and everything is consistency good for her. I hope it keeps going this way. I don't follow Britney too much anymore but I check in to see if she still posts the same happy pictures because that is all that matters to me at this point.
  12. It's all age. It's not nearly as fascinating as people make it out to be. She became famous at age 17. She has always been known for being shy and her family had confirmed that as well.Of course by time, she would be more comfortable. She was also going through so many different phases that led to her acting so differently each era. She went through the rebellion after having enough of people talking crap about her and just standing by, saying nothing. Of course in 2011, she was going through some personal things we did not know about because her conservatorship keeps her at bay with the rest of the world. so that explains that. We probably will never know what actually happens behind closed doors unless she tells us.
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