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  1. Hey guys, so I'm starting my own podcast it's going to be called Unpopular Opinions, and it's about what the title says: Unpopular Opinions about pop culture. So I will do the third episode about Britney, focusing on Blackout, how influential it was and how unpopular/underrated is in the GP. I'm looking for a Britney Expert to join the panel via Skype with me also, and to discuss it with another two journalists. I'm planning this big so I really need you to tell me a few unpopular opinions about Blackout or Britney that you've heard in the GP. It's interesting because 80% of the people when asked about Britney, will always bring 2007 to the conversation and most of the time not knowing about Blackout. So it will be a good chance to give Blackout and that era a little more credit. I will also give a history background so the people who will hear the podcast gets all the essential facts. So to sum up I need: 1. A good Blackout storyteller. 2. Unpopular opinions about Britney /Blackout from the GPS. 3. And a top facts that shouldn't be missed. Thank you in advance. Noury Lizarraga
  2. i saw Sticky and Sweet & MDNA tour. And I saw FFT, Piece Of Me 1.0 and the Asian Tour (Tel Aviv) Madonna? I can't believe the nerve of dragging Madonna. She is an amazing dancer. (she is almosf 60) During her Blond Ambition & Girlie Show she slaaayed the stage (same age as Britney now) She always brings the whole stage, props, screens, you name it. She won't tour if she can't bring the show 100%. That means, you get the show that you are paying for. She sings live or with background vocals. And if she lipsyncs it's because she is dancing her *** off. So to drag Madonna is delusional. I stan Britney, but I'm realistic about her, so I don't get my hopes up anymore. It's clear this is just an easy money tour, she doesn't care at all. It's not her team. It's her, she picks the songs, she picks the outfits, she pick to use those long leggings instead of real shoes, to do less than half *** choreography (even to call it that it's an overstatement), she chose not to sing or to lip sync for more than 15 years now, not to at least pre record some vocals (like how hard can it be? just do it once girl, it will take you 2 hours at most) and this is the most she will ever offer. The fault it's ours that we keep buying tickets to the show, myself included. Why she would ever make more effort if your fans/GP keep buying tickets? She ends up winning millions of dollars at the minimum effort, like who wouldn't want that? I'll love her forever, but don't drag Madonna into this, it's disrespectful when you compare it to what Britney is delivering.
  3. I can't believe that Slave Migos brealdown, like she found a way so that f**king knee tap looks decent compared to this.
  4. love to be dragged by exhell, it will be 5 years of POM
  5. because it makes me sad that me and Britney are parting ways like this...maybe someone else was feeling the same..
  6. exactly, and this is whan I can't decide, if she did that because she messed up or she just didn't feel like doing it. Not to mention how atrocious and weird her dancing got.
  7. Well by now it's pretty obvious that Brinni is gonna continue doing POM for at least another year, that means, few to little things to be excited about. Today I saw the Work ***** performance from December 19th, and she almost cut the floor part, like it was POM 1.0 all over again, I think she offered us all she has to offer, or all she wants to offer. I seriously can't believe that she doesn't even try to give a good performance, at this point it's embarrassing how she doesn't wanna be doing POM or any kind of show. And as a fan I've been able to see her in Vegas and in Tel Aviv, so that means I saw POM twice, all because I love her but it seems that that's it. I'm gonna enjoy the NYE performances, I hope she at least try to be Fireney, for 8 minutes. ANd that's it. After this I will probably handle my stan card in, I'll love you forever Britney, but this is the part where we part ways.
  8. happy anniversary slumber party!! also today I'm turning 1 year with m boyfriend, so slumber party will be always special for me
  9. And here is why Love this costume with the V cut, her face, hair dancing is ON point, only missing the floor part to be perfect. Bye!
  10. I know that Britney is still alive, but the way she said it made me think that it wasn't strictly about stars who died but stars who's life were really affected by fame. Maybe I'm overreaching tho
  11. I don't know id you guys saw the lady Gaga documentary, but there is a part where she mentions her fued with Madonna and talks about how the fame ended up messing with the lives of Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith, and then she mentions someone else but she doesn't say her name. It was about a girl for sure, but for a second I thought it meant Britney, it could be also Amy Whinehouse, but the way she kept her mouth shut reminded me of all these years of silence of exactly what happened to her (not that she needs to talk) but it was a bit creepy. I think she meant Britney... Did anyone else saw it?
  12. yes but when you are one of the hottest shows in The Strip you have to change the shoes at least 2 times. At least!
  13. Is like she is even lazy to change shoes, the only time where she changes is for Toxic and so, I thought it was part of the Asian tour, in order to get her changed more quickly, lack of props, songs performed, etc. I thought that in Vegas she would go back to do at least one or two more shoes changes, can someone specify when she started this trend, maybe it was for waaay before and I just pointed it out now. I can't at this level of laziness...It's just above embarrassing.
  14. DONT LET ME BE THE LAST TO KNOW "....till you say the words is not enough" WHEN YOUR EYES SAY IT (do I need to quote?)
  15. So here are the songs I think she will perform again (with a new performance of course) Work ***** Womanizer Piece Of Me Gimme More Baby One More Time Boys (which I pray she doesn't) I'm a Slave 4 u Make Me Breathe on Me Slumber Party Toxic Stronger Crazy Till The World Ends And here what i think she will probably add: Singles: Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know Overprotected (I wish) Radar Hold It Against Me Non - singles: The Hook Up Hot As Ice Kill The Lights He About To Lose Me Glory (maybe she promotes it more) : Man On The Moon Private Show (with an audience member) Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes) Liar Better What do you guys think?
  16. i have 4 of them at home, closed with the wipe inside, someone wants?
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