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  2. 20 minutes ago, Chaoscontrol said:

    Hey Exhale! 

    So not sure if that has been done before (who knows, I may have made a thread similar even), but even if so its been a while. 

    We all have at least one song we truly cannot stand from Britney. So let's try and say something nice about whichever track it may be. 

    Work Bitch. I always thought this song was absolute trash and couldn't understand why everyone here loved it. After seeing her open the show with it, I get the appeal. It will for sure get you pumped up! 

    Who's next? :evilpatrick:

    Chilling with you:

    Britney never even recorded that song so I can ignore it totally because its not hers at all.


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  3. 4 minutes ago, dcooper29090 said:

    How are they an entitled fan? Wondering why their fave has declined so much through their eyes and asking if other fans feel the same doesn't make them entitled? They even stated they may be wrong in their assertion? Did I miss something? Are we supposed to be lap dogs to lackluster effort just because Britney went through a hard time? I think not. If she decides to get up there and charge money then she should deliver 100% and in my opinion she gives 50% at a push. :schoolingtime:


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  4. 14 minutes ago, ukfan said:

    also re record hold on tite tomorrow morning Britney and release it late November to be a standalone winter single... possibly include it in the show with this bad ass remake


    Leave Britney jean alone, let it rest in peace once for all and never once perform again a song off that myah marie filled mess of a fake record

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