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  1. 2 hours ago, armrunner1998 said:

    Mine would be

    ...Baby One More Time -- Strong :cutebrit:

    Oops!... I Did It Again -- Sweet :divaney: 

    Britney -- Sassy :hehehe:

    In The Zone -- Sultry :pumped:

    Blackout -- Sex :embarrassed:

    Circus -- Disengaged :britannoyed:

    Femme Fatale -- Robotic :awks:

    Britney Jean: Britney :pieceofwhat:

    Glory: Angelic :bbmaney:


    ...Baby One More Time -- Mature  :cutebrit:

    Oops!... I Did It Again -- Sweet :divaney: 

    Britney -- Raspy  :hehehe:

    In The Zone -- Breathy :pumped:

    Blackout -- Sultry :embarrassed:

    Circus -- Uninterested :britannoyed:

    Femme Fatale -- Impersonal :awks:

    Burqa Jihad: :pieceofwhat:

    Glory: Involved :bbmaney:

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  2. What time will the ET interview air?

    Today Britney should make a "huge announcement"... what do you think?

    I still have a glimpse of hope that's going to be about new music :jlostare:  because it's too soon for her to announce the new residency.

    But we already know she's going to announce "the new unisex perfume Prerogative" we already know about :tiffanycries:





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